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Basic Information

Address: Sedarvp Ghana Humanitarian Organizaton Post Office Box co2596 Tema Community One Ghana West Africa
Phone Number: Phone - 233245052472
Director: Mr. Shaibu Abukari Niendow

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Sedarvp-Ghana Volunteering
Sedarvp-Ghana Volunteering
Sedarvp-Ghana Volunteering
Sedarvp-Ghana Volunteering

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Additional Information

Days of Service: 1 month - 6 month programs available
Program Highlights:

At SEDARVP-Ghana our aim is to assist the orphans, street children and poor families in rural and remote areas of Ghana to have a better future. We do this by:

• Providing housing, food, education and medical services to all orphans that come to us.
• Traveling to remote areas to teach children that would otherwise never be able to go to school.
• Working with programs that empower women, teach them a trade and offer them micro loans.
• Providing support and care for families with disabilities and HIV AIDS.
• Developing and supporting Ghana through education, tools and resources so that the local people will reach their goals in developing themselves and their communities.

Our goal is challenging and WE NEED YOUR HELP…

Donate: We rely solely on the generosity of donations, sponsors and volunteers!

SEDARVP-Ghana could not provide shelter, educations and medical services to children in need without hard-working volunteers, generous donors and people like you! Our supporters contribute resources, time and energy to help to make the future brighter for these amazing children.

Volunteer in Ghana:

We offer 1-6 month volunteer programs that allow you to give much needed hands-on support. The program includes housing and meals.

The cost of our volunteer programs is a lot less than many other programs for the simple reason that this work is so urgent and vital

Sponsor A Project:

We have projects that you can sponsor no matter what your budget from $40 to $10,000 ($40 will pay for school books and enrollment in an after school reading club. $10, 000 will go towards the construction of a new library made of retrofitted shipping containers).

With your support, SEDARVP-Ghana will continue to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the children and to work to improve their future and the future of their community.

Additional Information:

SEDARVP-Ghana is a local N.G.O (Non-Government Organization) known as Social Education Development and Rural Volunteer Program with its headquarters located in the northern part of Ghana.

SEDARVP-Ghana was formed in the year 2006 and formally registered in the year 2008 under the Ghana Registrar General's Department as a charity organization.

It is a non-profit making, non-partisan, non-religious and non-racial (or non-ethnic) organization which aims to assist the orphans, street children and poor families in rural and remote areas of Ghana to have a better future.

As a non-profit organization, SEDARVP-Ghana depends upon volunteer efforts to make our programs a success and to allow us to direct more money directly to the children in need.

Our aim is to help the thousands of abandoned children now living and sleeping on the streets and to promote better quality education, health awareness and social development in all the very poor rural and remote areas of Ghana.

As a result of numerous trips to the rural and remote communities in northern Ghana, staying and interacting with the people, we found out about their constraints and potentials. We realized that the poor quality of their education and their lack of social living was partly due to the lack of experienced teachers and the minimal opportunity for social interaction. By promoting social development and dialogue among the people we also aimed to enhance good governance in these areas.

Furthermore we became aware that child labor was increasing at an alarming rate in all the 10 regions of Ghana and we needed help to assist these poor children.

We hoped to do this by organizing volunteers from all over the world, who would share their spirit of giving their best to these poor and homeless children and communities, not only in the educational sector, but to other areas of volunteer interest and specialization.

With the assistance of our wonderful volunteers we aim to promote good health, education, good drinking water, the formation of youth clubs and the entire development of rural communities.

It was our coming together as concerned citizens that gave birth to the organization known today as SEDARVP Ghana.

Regional Profile:
Ghana, the gateway to West Africa, is boarded by the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, and the Guinean Sea. Ghana has a population of 18 million inhabitants. The capital Accra is situated on the coast in southern Ghana and is very tropical. In contrast, Northern Ghana is very dry. Temperatures in Ghana are around 14 - 42 degrees Celsius.

Northern Ghana Climate:
This is tropical with temperatures ranging from a low of 14 degrees Celsius night temperature during the harmattan season to as high as 42 degree Celsius during the hot dry season. The rains begin lightly in April and rise steadily to peak in August - September and gradually decline by the end of October. The dry harmattan winds engulf the whole region between December and February. In recent years, the rains have been starting late, in May and peaking in September - October.

Volunteer Programs:

We are looking for people with good hearts, with or without previous experience or qualifications... including teachers, students, social workers, nurses, doctors, medical students, childcare workers and caring people like you! This could be the start of the most amazing life-long adventure you could ever imagine!

According to your abilities and desires we can place you as a volunteer working with orphans, street children, women's empowerment groups and also assisting local midwives. We also have a program for sports volunteering with the local football team!

We try to be flexible and place you where your interest lies, so even if you don't see it mentioned here, just ask!

You Can Also Choose One Of Our Special Interest Programs:

In the past our volunteers have worked in the Tamale teaching Hospital in the following areas of interest:
• Physiotherapy Department
• Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
• Labor and Maternity Ward
• Assisting both contemporary physicians and tradition mid-wives
• Pediatric Ward
• Helping in the day care of young Ghanaian toddlers
• Gynecology and Obstetric Ward
• Women's Health assistant
• Operating/Surgical Theaters
• Orthopedic
• Anesthesiology
• Outpatient Department (OPD)
• Pharmacy / Pharmacy Assistant
• Medical Emergency Department
• Hematology, Pathology, Bacteriology, Cytology, & Blood Bank Departments

Outside of SEDARVP-Ghana programs are a wealth of engaging and active volunteer opportunities and include:
• Teaching and/or assisting at the Taimako Business College (age: 15-22 years).
• Teach young people basic computer literacy and Internet skills at Technocef, a private institution in Tamale.
• Care for orphaned children at the Anfaani Tamale Children Home
• Co-op in the mango arboricultural Agrovet/Taimako Farms and Nurseries (only in the summer). Grow, seed, plant, graft trees, fruits, and much more.
• Join excursions and visits with a local guide to people of unique and mystic professions.

If you are a lover of sports and enthusiastic to work with kids, but are not confident enough to take on a teaching program, then this is a great program for you!

Volunteers will work with young children, especially in our community orphanage Football Academy, and sometimes older people based on a volunteers request to develop their interest in a range of sports and increase their skill base.

For further information, please visit our website at or contact:

Mr. Shaibu Abukari Niendow Ms. Lori Ambo
Ghana West Africa Eugene, Oregon USA
Founder and President International Director, USA