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Address: Calle 49 A No. 76 A 78
Phone Number: +351926235672
Director: Martijn

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Experience Required:

Volunteer in Central or South America with Spanish Travel Classes. We offer different projects in multiple countries, so for sure you will find something that suits you the best. Which project you go for. You will be part of a life changing experience and be part of the answer to specific problems within the local communities.

We arrange throughout Latin America:

- Volunteer work projects
- Language courses

Consider conservation projects, such as taking care of animals in the Amazon or our most popular volunteer program with helping to protect baby sea turtles or nature conservation of beaches in Costa Rica. We have also volunteer projects with seals and sea lions on our volunteer program in an Animal Rescue center in Ecuador. Or if you are someone who likes to work with children, you can support their educational development and teach them new skills on a volunteer project with a primary school in Peru. And do you have a professional expertise? There are even volunteer projects where you contribute your specific skills, for example with a volunteer project with a medical background in Colombia.