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Our Achievements / News - For nearly a decade, Starfish has been completing community development work in South East Asia.

These projects have included building several new organic farms at various locations throughout Surin. The work was completed by volunteers and is maintained by new volunteers All of the produce grown on these farms are then used either by the local communities they support or are used to feed the children in the local community centres and schools, for free.

Starfish volunteers demolished a very unhygienic toilet block and rebuilt a new one that includes new toilets, a new shower system and new hand wash basins. Starfish is dedicated to improving health, safety and hygiene at schools throughout the region.

In mid-July 2011 Starfish volunteers helped with the reconstruction of a children's home after the previous premises was destroyed by storms in 2010. They now have a shiny new home that will last for many years to come. The volunteers not only supplied hundreds of man hours of labour but also the funds to supplement the efforts of the local communities, schools, businesses and the temple.

From brightly painted children's playgrounds to organic farms to new buildings at schools are some of the visible contributions of Starfish to Surin. In the coming years, these new features will brighten the lives of those who need these facilities the most.

Development is key to improving the quality of life in the communities we support. With development comes interest, with interest comes education, with education come better lifestyles. Starfish facilitates development projects throughout the year with our big school development work happening in April and October during half- term holidays. Please email for more information on getting involved with our development work.