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Basic Information

Address: 3a Calle 10-56 Zona 1 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Director: Amparo de Léon de Rubio

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Trama Textiles
Trama Textiles
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Additional Information

Days of Service: 1 week - 1 year
Program Highlights:

Benefits of Volunteering with TRAMA

Working with the Trama weavers is a rewarding experience.

Working with the Trama weavers is a rewarding experience.

  • Gain experience and marketable skills
  • Learn how to weave with traditional Mayan techniques
  • Practice your Spanish and learn more about Guatemalan culture

Volunteer Commitments

  • Help us advance the mission of TRAMA Textiles
  • Tell us when you can start and how much time you have to offer
  • Notify us ahead of time if your time commitment changes (1 weeks)
  • Be on time
  • Long term postions are available

Volunteer Preferred Qualifications

  • Highly motivated and flexible
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Time commitment of at least 3 weeks and 10 hours per week. (If you would like to volunteer for less time, you have to also sign up for one of Trama's weaving courses.)
  • Possible Volunteer Projects

    Note: not all of these projects continue throughout the year. Please contact us to find out if a project you are interested in is available during your volunteer time.

    Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

    This is a full time volunteer position (Monday through Friday, 10 to 5) and is available mid to late Summer 2011. A minimum of 2 months and intermediate Spanish and English are required. Responsibilities include: Administrative tasks include checking the email daily and making sure website information is up to date. Communicating with online buyers, wholesale purchasers, and people interested in TRAMA. Overseeing projects (such as promoting the weaving school, flyers and benefit parties) and gaining approval from the president and vice president of TRAMA for volunteer projects. Hiring and coordinating between volunteers. And coming up with new & innovative ways to help! Please note that this is an administrative focused position.

    Store Management

    Make the TRAMA Textiles store an enjoyable and easy place to shop. This opportunity involves arranging products, decorating the store, maintaining inventory, and helping customers with inquiries.

    Website Manager and Graphic Design

    Help update and expand TRAMA's website (this project is a high priority for TRAMA Textiles). Website needs include adding the TRAMA catalogue for potential buyers. We are always looking for talented people to help create and redesign materials. Possible projects can include giving our marketing materials a make-over, helping update our website, creating a map of Guatemala with information about our groups, and redesigning our booklets.


    To support our cooperatives, this position would help research potential funding sources, including private donors, grants, and more. This volunteer would also help draft materials to communicate with donors as well as help throw benefit parties.

    Help Trama to improve the lives of local women.

    Help Trama to improve the lives of local women.


    Help promote TRAMA´s weaving classes and products. Distribute flyers and brochures to Spanish schools, hostels, cafes and businesses throughout Xela. Collaborate with local Spanish schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses to advertise for TRAMA. Reach out to international weaving associations and other organizations to recruit weaving students.

    Product Sales

    Help distribute our products around the world. This opportunity involves researching potential sales contacts and preparing sales materials. This also includes helping update and maintain our product catalogue as needed.


    Are you proficient in multiple languages? There are a number of projects and material where translation can be used to further promote the work of TRAMA including: translating or updating marketing materials such as the catalogue or website and translating for foreign students in our weaving classes. Translation projects and need vary - please inquire about translating opportunities as this project is not always available.

Additional Information:

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala