Volunteer Abroad in Nepal - United Planet: 2-12 Weeks

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Basic Information

Address: 11 Arlington Street Boston, Massachusetts United States
Phone Number: (617) 267 - 7763

Action Shots

Volunteer Abroad in Nepal - United Planet: 2-12 Weeks
Volunteer Abroad in Nepal - United Planet: 2-12 Weeks
Volunteer Abroad in Nepal - United Planet: 2-12 Weeks
Volunteer Abroad in Nepal - United Planet: 2-12 Weeks

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Global Health, Children and Education, Environmental Sustainability
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Local Community
Ages for Volunteer: 18+
Hours of Service: 80 - 480
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 80
Days of Service: 14 - 84
Languages: Please visit unitedplanet.org with respect to your Quest of interest.
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:

Global Health Projects require Education or work experience in dentistry

Visa Requirements:

Tourist Visa (available at the Nepal embassy or airport)

Program Highlights:

Serene, breathtaking, and captivating, volunteers in Nepal are immersed in a vibrant culture. Most famous for Mt. Everest, but brimming with hundreds of other remarkable sites, Nepal will capture your heart and soul with its generous people and customs. Nepalis are known for cooking hearty, flavorful meals and for greeting others with the traditional "Namaste." While tourism is popular, Nepal remains one of the world's poorest countries. Volunteers here have loved the impact that their time in Nepal has made on them, and vice versa, as they work with others in rural communities.

As a volunteer in Nepal, people are sought as caregivers at orphanages, teaching assistants at schools, and counselors for women and girls who have been victims of human trafficking and abuse. Because of numerous volunteer opportunities, Nepal is a great place for families to volunteer together.

Mission Statement:

To foster cross-cultural understanding and address shared challenges to unite the world in a community beyond borders

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

"In today's world, global challenges transcend borders. To address these challenges-poverty, global health, climate change, involuntary migrations-we need to work together as a global community. We are constructing the upper stories of a building in efforts to effect change without focusing on the foundation…the foundation necessary to solve these global challenges is in building stronger relationships and greater understanding across cultures."-David Santulli, Founder and President, United Planet

Program History:

United Planet was founded by David Santulli who lives and works within a high-impact concept he created--that of Relational Diplomacy, a practical approach to achieve what is acknowledged as the great mission of the 21st century: to create a genuine global community. At the turn of this century, Dave recognized that generations are now born into instant and constant cross-communication, yet the intractable issues of our day--poverty, global health, climate change, political and social unrest resulting in involuntary migration--continue to persist, even in the context of significant global efforts to make positive change. This work is immensely relevant today with the increase in nationalist sentiment threatening to decrease global exchange and understanding. In 2001, Dave founded United Planet, an international nonprofit based in Boston, Massachusetts, whose mission is to enhance crosscultural understanding while addressing shared challenges so as to create a community beyond borders. The organization is preparing a generation of globally minded leaders through bringing gap year, international service learning, and leadership development programs to students and adults around the world. In partnership with secondary schools, universities and corporations, United Planet is unlocking the potential of every person as a global citizen and catalyst to create a more peaceful, cohesive, and sustainable world. In establishing United Planet, Dave seeks to create a world in which all people understand, respect, and support one another. United leaders and volunteers have dedicated over 1,000,000 hours to education, health, and environmental sustainability, while immersing themselves in diverse cultures, building their global leadership competencies, and forging closer intercultural relations.

Additional Information:

CNN (2007)

CNN selected United Planet as one of only ten nonprofit organizations in the world for their "Be the Change" initiative

United Planet blog, "Meet United Planet's Founder", (March 2016)


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