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Program Highlights:

Teaching Assistant

Primarily the Teaching Assistant positions are taken up by volunteers with an excellent level of English - both spoken and written), but no practical classroom experience. The idea is to assist in the classes for added support and help to the children in English - although assistance is sometimes required for other subjects also.

Your time will pass very quickly, but all our volunteers have been an inspiration to the kids on the islands, and your time is of huge benefit to the children.

It may be that you can set up English classes in the evenings for Adults - even conversational classes will be very valuable to the locals!

Pre School Workers

The curious young minds of pre-schooler's are very receptive to new ideas and languages! Our volunteers who work in the pre-schools (each island has one, which is normally privately owned), usually the priority is to give them a good basic knowledge of the English language to prepare them for Grad one mainstream school.

The idea here though, is to keep learning fun, and use a variety of educational games and interactive activities for the children, whilst teaching them the elementary skills they need.

Arts and crafts, singing and nursery rhymes can all be used in a motivational environment. These programs are excellent for younger volunteers with an excellent command of the English language, but who don't have specific experience. Enthusiasm and a flexible attitude are required for these posts!

Youth and Sports

As new government directive over the last couple of couples, each island has to have a Youth Development program, which usually always includes the provision of sports! There is a very young Maldivian population now, and with many of the work available mainly on the tourist islands, there is a definite need to develop the youth and inspire them to take on new ideas and initiatives within their own home islands - particularly the ladies…. They still mainly take on more traditional roles within families, whilst the men of the family go to work on the resorts.

This can cause inevitable strain though, as many tourist island employees only get to take a months' leave once a year. To develop and train new skills and encourage team building is a valuable part of learning, and the youngsters on the island are always very receptive to new ideas and programs that will enhance their development.

Some Volunteer placements will be within the schools, as PE teachers and have established programs to follow. Other placements will be working with NGO's on the island, who will put ideas together - but volunteers will also need to be proactive and have a flexible approach - sometimes the islanders are too shy and don't want to ask too much of their volunteers so you'll need to be proactive!

Additional Information:

Volunteer Maldives offers a variety of projects and development programs to benefit the island communities and inspire individuals! We work closely island schools, NGO's and figureheads to ensure your skills are channeled to where they are most needed, and where your help will most benefit the warm and friendly Maldivian people.

Your volunteering participation can make a marked and substantial difference to Maldivians, and in turn you will be able to put your own lives into a broader context, and have fun while you do it!

A fantastic opportunity to experience the 'Real Maldives'