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Basic Information

Address: 108 Shaw St. Greenville SC 29609
Phone Number: 864-932-3165/864-735-0205
Director: Rev. DELINX Meralus

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Zion World Wide Mission Inc
Zion World Wide Mission Inc
Zion World Wide Mission Inc
Zion World Wide Mission Inc

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Evangelism, Education, Health, nutrition and Agriculture
Population Served: none and low income family
Ages for Volunteer: 18 and older
Hours of Service: 8:00 Am to 4:00 PM
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 8
Days of Service: Monday through Friday
Languages: French, English, Spanish and Creole
Languages used as a Medium: French, English
Experience Required:


Summary of Position

The responsibilities of a Travel Nurse involves working on short-term medical assignments locally, nationally or internationally and offering nursing tasks to clinics and hospitals that are in need of additional nursing staff members. Responsibilities will also include but not limited to providing emotional support to patients and their family members; treating patients and administering medications; performing diagnostic tests; recording medical histories and symptoms of patients; constantly recording patient's vitals such as pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respiration and other details; dressing wounds; monitoring fluid intake; maintaining medical equipments; helping patients eat, get dresses, walk, bathe, stand or move to bed; filling out insurance forms; informing doctors and other nurses about patient's condition; and performing other tasks assigned by doctors, among others

Programs Open To: Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Builders, farmers, Ministers
Mission Statement:
Nationally – To provide vital social services to low and non-income people, regardless of their religion, social or economic background and to improve lives of individuals, families and the community.

Globally – to support the needy children and improve the condition of life of the most underprivileged people around the world in the domain of evangelism, health, education, nutrition, and agriculture.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:


Program History:

Zion World Wide Mission, Inc. is an international, non-profit, charitable organization created in Orlando, Florida, providing for underprivileged individuals in the domains of healthcare, education, agriculture, nutrition, and evangelism.

Zion has been very effective in providing relief assistance to communities and countries in need. Since it began, Zion has received over $1,437,625.56 worth of donations (Products, service and monetary) to support our clients' needs in the areas of education, health, food, and other necessities for living a more effective life. We have accomplished these goals through one of our nation's leanest periods of economic growth and sparse charitable giving. Against all the odds, Zion's support efforts remain active in over 8 different countries: USA, Ivory Coast (Africa), Ecuador, Haiti, Thailand, India, Dominican Republic and France.

Zion World Wide Mission is able to stay active in so many different countries because of its international executive board. In the United States, there are board members in South Carolina and Florida.There are board members in France, the Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire), India, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Haiti, and Ecuador. Check out the list below for names and contact information.