Taking Children Seriously

Taking Children Seriously, TCS, is a worldwide parenting movement and educational philosophy based upon the idea that it is possible and desirable to raise and educate children without either doing anything to them against their will, or making them do anything against their will.

It was founded in 1994 as an email mailing-list by the libertarians Sarah Fitz-Claridge and David Deutsch.

The TCS model of parenting and education argues that most traditional interactions between adults and youth are based on coercion. TCS rejects this coercion as infringing on the will of the child, and also rejects parental or educator "self-sacrifice" as infringing on the will of the adult. TCS advocates that parents and children work to find a common preference, a solution all parties genuinely prefer to all other candidate solutions they can think of.

The TCS philosophy was inspired by the epistemology of Karl Popper. While Popper did not advocate any particular pedagogy, TCS views Popper's epistemology as a universal theory of how knowledge grows, with profound implications for educational theory.