Un schooling is a form of education in which learning is based on the student's interests, needs, and goals. It may be alternatively referred to as natural learning, child-led learning, discovery learning, autodidactic learning, or child-directed learning.

Un schooling contrasts with home schooling in that the student's education is not directed by a teacher and curriculum. Although an Un schooling student may choose to make use of teachers or curricula, s/he is ultimately in control of his/her own education. The student chooses how, when, why, and what s/he learns. Parents who un school their children act as "facilitators" and provide a wide range of resources, instruction and support. Un schooling begins with a child's natural curiosity and expands from there, as an extension of his/her own personal interests and needs.

The term Un schooling was coined by John Holt. An author of ten books on education, John Holt founded the Un schooling magazine Growing Without Schooling.