Becoming a Substitute

It's fairly easy to become a substitute teacher. You do not need teaching credentials, and do not need training that a normal educator would need. The requirements vary from state to state, but here are basic requirements:

- Call the school district you are interested in teaching. Make sure it is a school district, not an individual school. If unsure of the district, call the school and ask. Once you have reached the district, ask what they require of a substitute teacher

- Take tests the district requires you to take. These takes critique your overall ability in reading, writing and mathematics. It is a basic test and does not require genius levels to pass.

- Make formal application for position. The school district will tell you how to do this

- Pay any fees they ask. The application processing fees is usually $50-$100.

- Choose a grade level you would like to teach.

- Register with other districts close by. This is important because for days you might want to teach the district may not need anybody and will not call you.