Extra Tips for Substitute Teaching

If the class is difficult to control, use these tips.

Meet troublemakers face to face: If you ignore them, they will not go away. One effective way is to pick them out of the crowd of students and expose them. Another method would be simply to take them out of class and alert the proper personnel of their misbehavior. Experience will dictate the best method of discipline.

Do Students' homework in class: Put the answers, with the students help is possible, on the chalkboard. This way the troublemakers will copy the answers and keep quiet. While doing the work in class, everyone will be quiet, and some will learn new material.

Write Referrals: This is a very effective method of discipline. Referrals are kept in the folder given to the substitute or in the teachers desk. After the forms are filled out a copy will be mailed to the student's parents, making it a scary proposition for the student. For reason, write "Continued disobedience of a Substitute Teacher". Tell the entire class your behavior expectations during the beginning of class, and how not meeting them will end in them receiving a referral. This usually calms the class. If not, use the referrals.

Give them a privilege and threaten to take it away: Give the class a privilege they don't get in class such as listening to the radio or working outside for the day. If they go against your classroom rules the privilege is revoked.

Have students discipline one another: Divide class into groups and reward the group that is best behaved. This diverts hostility towards you and encourages the students to discipline one another. rewards being first to lunch, first to use computer, first to recess, choosing activities in P. E.

Look like a cop: For men over 6 feet tall, muscular build, strong chin and a moustache have a way of maintain order. Unfortunately, these traits are possible only through heredity and not sustainable for substitute teachers as a whole.

Assign work: This is to keep them occupied. Despite having a large classroom, no lesson plan and no idea of the subject taught worksheets can still keep the class occupied.

Learn: Learn the classroom material, and analyze your strategies with teaching. try different methods and rate their effectiveness.

If students say teacher "lets us", assume opposite: This is a popular phrase amongst students. It is also the one thing they deny when confronted by administration, and many times will put the blame on you letting them do as such. Remember you are not the absent teacher, you have different rules.

Have fun: Always have fun. Trade stories, engage in conversation with the class when work is finished. Relax and enjoy the time you are teaching.