Reasons for Substitute Teaching

Substitute teachers receive $40-$150 per 6 hour assignment. The sub teacher can refuse subjects at will, as they can also request assignments from all grade levels dependent on how capable they are of dealing with the students. Substitute teaching can be essential also for those who are unsure about their profession, as it gives them a "preview" of the teaching field. It also allows for more freedom to explore various teaching methods, to see what is effective. Days last 6-7 hours and ends when the teachers returns the keys back to the school. They don't grade any homework, make no lesson plans & carry no school related problems with them at home.

In Summary:
- Flexible Hours
- Moderate to good pay
- Few responsibilities
- Great influence to students
- Great practice if considering teaching a full time profession
- You choose grade level
- Easy to become substitute
- Great creative expression
- Excellent Interim Job
- Extra income for Retired people
- Used as second income
- Be certified in less than 2 months