The Gatekeeper

The gatekeeper calls the substitute teacher about the position they need filled. The gatekeeper works as the links between school administration and the classroom. The job opening will be listed through their school district office. The gatekeeper than calls the substitute early in the morning if they wish to take the position, which they can accept or decline.

Answer Immediately: Answer promptly. The gatekeeper has a busy job, and is looking for the position to be filled quickly. Don't leave him/her waiting.

Be Kind and Courteous no matter what time of call: Be cheerful and courteous no matter the time, because the gatekeeper had to get up even earlier than you did to get the position filled.

Tell Gatekeeper in advance if you can teach: Inform the gatekeeper of your name, position and days you can work. This way you won't receive an early morning call, and it saves the gatekeeper some time.

Always answer phone, even if you don't want the position: The gatekeeper is your friend, and the link between you having work and not having work. Always answer and be courteous, even if you don't want the position.