Education School Year in the Czech Republic

The school year starts on the first weekday of September and ends on the last weekday of June. It is divided into two semesters with exams at the end of each. Usually, the first semester runs from 1.9. to 30.1. and the second from 1.2. to 30.6., separated by a one-day break and summer holidays. The actual dates, along with holidays and breaks, are announced by each school individually and may vary slightly.

autumn holidays - two working days around Independent Czechoslovak State Day (28/10), which is a public holiday
Christmas (winter) holidays - about 9 - 12 days (usually 22/12 - 2/1, ends with first Sunday after new year)
mid-term break - one-day holiday (4/2)
spring holidays - one-week holiday with the date varying according to the district (usually from the beginning of February until the end of March)
Easter holidays - three-day holiday (called Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Monday)
summer holidays - sixty-two-day+ holiday (1/7 - 31/8 plus days from last Friday in June to first Monday in September, which starts a new school year)

There is also Children's Day on 1 June, which is not considered a holiday, but children are usually taken on (school)trips (one day or more) and other cultural activities.