School Uniforms in Australia

In Australia, each school or school system can set its own uniform policy. Wearing a uniform is compulsory in most Australian private and all Catholic schools, as well as in most public schools, although it is sometimes less enforced in primary schools that have uniforms. Uniforms usually have a color scheme based on the school colors. Uniform and appearance are generally strictly enforced in private and Catholic schools, although public schools are beginning to become increasingly strict about their uniforms. Most, if not all, public and private schools have

For boys, the uniforms generally include a button-up shirt together with either shorts (especially for summer wear) or long trousers, usually in gray. Some schools allow boys to wear shorts only in younger years, and they must wear long trousers from around the age of puberty (13-14 years). At others, even older boys wear shorts in summer due to the heat. Where short trousers are to be worn, long (near knee-length) socks in school colors are often required. Girls' uniforms generally include a checkered or striped dress (usually sleeveless or short-sleeved) worn over a blouse for summer and, in most secondary schools, girls wear a skirt as well as a button-up in winter with a blazer and tie. In a number of schools, girls are also permitted to wear a button-up shirt and dark trousers.

In public schools, the uniform is usually a dark-colored polo/shirt for juniors and a white one for seniors and dark-coloured trousers or skirt. This set may be complemented by a school necktie and, typically, a v-neck jumper (pullover or sweater) or a blazer. In the summer, boys usually do not wear ties, pullovers, or blazers. Instead, they wear a short-sleeved version of the shirt and short trousers. A neck-tie, blazer, and hat are also common in private and Catholic schools.

In most high schools a physical education uniform is the norm for sports days only. At many high schools, children are required to change into and out of their physical education uniform around the physical education lesson. The physical education uniform usually consists of shorts and a polo shirt, as well as a light weatherproof rain jacket, usually made of polyester, for winter and wet weather and sometimes a netball skirt for girls. It is common for students in their final year of primary school or secondary school to have their own jersey, jumper or jacket to denote their final-year status.