School Uniforms in Cambodia

In Cambodia students of all ages from pre-school to college wear school uniforms. The uniforms from each school and age level are different. Generally, boys wear a white dress shirt and a pair of shorts. The colour and length of the shorts varies per school. Male college students wear the same kind of uniform, but instead of shorts they wear black dress trousers. Girls usually wear white blouses and a skirt. Their skirts vary in colour and length depending upon the school and their ages. Generally the younger students wear long skirts that almost reach their ankles and the college students wear shorter ones. Skirts are generally blue or black but may be other colours as well, depending on the school. Some schools also have alternative uniforms which students of both genders wear every other day. These often consist of a coloured shirt and slacks. High school girl students must wear black or blue long skirts. High school boys wear long black or blue long trousers. The white shirt can be short sleeve or long sleeve for both. However, for high school students need to have name tags on the left hand side of the shirt.