School Uniforms in China

Uniforms are a common part of the schools in China. Almost all secondary schools as well as some elementary schools require students to wear uniforms. Uniforms in mainland China usually consist of five sets: 2 formal sets and 3 everyday sets. Each formal set is for either summer or winter and are worn on Mondays or special occasions (school anniversaries, school ceremonies, etc.) They consist of a white collared shirt with a sweater on top and a skirt for girls or a suit for boys with one set for summer and one set for winter. Everyday uniforms for boys in the winter usually consist of a zip up sweater and trousers and a collared shirt (usually white), with thinner materials in the spring and fall and short or long trousers in the summer. The everyday uniforms for girls are basically the same as the boys uniform. School uniforms are now getting stylish. Some school involve students in the design of their uniforms.