School Uniforms in Vietnam

Most schools in Vietnam requires uniform, and the rules on uniform vary from schools and areas. The most common type of uniform consists of a white shirt with school logo on left sleeve and navy/black trousers, with a red scarf for students from grade 3 to grade 9. This kind of uniform is often seen in public schools in North Vietnam or in rural areas, and there is no differences between boy's and girl's uniforms. However, many schools (private or famous public schools) have their own designed uniforms, which often replace trousers with skirts for girls or include bows, ties or vests/blazers.

The white áo dài is also a tradition uniform for high school girls in Vietnam, but most schools in Northern Vietnam only require it for important events or ceremonies, since wearing áo dài is uncomfortable for daily use. Otherwise, áo dài is very familiar with school girls in Mekong Delta, where it is "daily uniform" of all them. The image of a high school girl with nón lá and white áo dài on a bike is still considered symbolic nowadays.

There are also uniform for Physical Education in Vietnam schools, usually includes T-shirt and tracksuit, which the T-shirts have school logo on them. The tracksuit jacket is popular and often used as winter uniform, even out of gym activity.

There are no specific shoes for Vietnamese students, however flip-flops, slippers and high heels are forbidden. Sandals and boots are allowed, although students would wear sneakers or flats to school. Dyeing hair, nail polish and make-up are banned in many schools.