School Uniforms in Taiwan

Taiwan school uniform by the Japanese colonial rule over a long period of time, to a certain extent will be influenced by Japanese culture, the uniform style can only be said to be close, but each specific school uniforms are not the same. Taiwan high school a total of 471, all schools have a suit uniforms exercise with their service uniforms, but also a longsleeved with short sleeves, according to seasonal change in. According to the provisions of sportswear is worn.A day and a night student high school vocational school in Taiwan, a night student also want to wear uniforms to school, some schools in order to distinguish between day and night students, will be uniform color or style design is not the same, so a school may have two different types of uniforms. Taiwan's Ministry of education and no special provisions, these uniforms are designed by the school, the school in order to highlight their own school uniforms style, will be designed very carefully, some schools allow students to design our own uniforms, let the students creativity, for example, every 2-3 years held uniform design competition, and then all the works by the student vote, selected works for uniform factory production.