Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School

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Basic Information

Address: 27 Zimbrich St, Rochester, NY 14621
Phone Number: 5855446170
District: Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School
Director: Leslie Rivera
Name of Project: K-2 Dual Language Program

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Partner(non-english) Language used in Program: Spanish
First year of Program Implementation at Site: 2000
Program Scope: K-2 Dual Language Program with intention to grow out annually starting 2024
School Type: Public Charter
School Size: 600
Teacher/Student Ratio: 25:2
Grade Level(s): K-5
Number of Classes: 6
Two-way Recruitment Procedures: Parent information session, word of mouth and community impact
Criteria for Selection:

Lottery System

Available Program Materials: For students Bilingual curriculum and supports, for parents bilingual communication from school
% of Native English Speaking Students: 57%
% of students in program who are native speakers of the partner language: 43%
Ethnic Breakdown of Native English Speaking Students: African American, Caucasian and Hispanic
% of Students qualifying for Free/Reduced Lunch: 100%
Separation of Languages for Instruction: 60/40
% of School day Students from the two language groups is integrated: 75%
Secondary Programs: Seal of Biliteracy
Additional Program Staff: Bilingual Coordinator
Computer Capabilities: <strong>1 to 1 access for each student; school wifi</strong>
Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School to create a safe and nurturing community of learners where students earn the Seal of Biliteracy (English and Spanish), learn to advocate for social justice and are prepared to enjoy and access what the world has to offer.

Belief Statements:

If a child cannot learn the way we teach, then we will learn to teach the way the child can learn.

School History:

In 1998, Julio Vázquez, as the President and CEO of Ibero American Action League, saw the Charter School Legislation as an opportunity to improve the educational alternatives for city students. Through Mr. Vázquez's leadership, Ibero American Action League agreed to sponsor the development of a charter school. Ibero American Action League is a non-profit, grassroots organization. Its mission is to empower and enable the Latino community and others to reach for a better life. It carries out its mission through the following programs: Family Services, Development Disabilities, Residential Services, Project Link, Early Childhood Services, Education and Training, Centro de Oro (Senior Citizens), Emergency and Volunteer Services. The charter school legislation provided another avenue for Ibero to carry out its mission.

Mr. Vázquez brought together Dr. Miriam Vázquez, who was a principal in one of the schools within the Rochester City School District, and Mr. Eugenio Marlin who was the Vice-President for Development and Communications at Ibero, to discuss the possibilities of submitting an application for a charter school. In addition, parents, the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum, YMCA, Hochstein School of Music and several area colleges were asked to be involved. They proposed a bilingual school to the State University of New York (SUNY) Charter School Institute. The following people became the founding members for the development of the school application: Mr. Julio Vázquez, Dr. Miriam Vázquez, Mr. Eugenio Marlin, Mr. George Romell (President YMCA Greater Rochester), Ms. Maribel Maldonado (Parent), Dr. Mark LaCelle-Peterson (State University College at Geneseo) and Dr. Margaret Quackenbush (President Hochstein School of Music). Upon consensus, the group agreed to name the school Eugenio María de Hostos. The name, Eugenio María de Hostos, was chosen because Mr. de Hostos is an excellent example of the importance of people helping others, as well as how one person can positively impact the lives of so many.

In March of 2000, SUNY approved the application and a charter was issued authorizing the establishment of the Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School. The school welcomed its first group of 120 Kindergarten through second-grade students in September 2000. During its first charter, the school grew to include grades K - 6. The middle school grades were added in September 2010. During its third renewal, the school was authorized to expand from 2 sections to 4 sections per grade level and to add the high school grades.