Jewett Elementary School

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Basic Information

Address: 1001 Manzanita St. Central Point, Oregon 97502
Phone Number: 541-494-6600
District: Central Point School District 6
Director: Tess Siemer
Name of Project: Jewett Elementary Two Way Spanish Immersion Program

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Partner(non-english) Language used in Program: Spanish
First year of Program Implementation at Site: 2014
School Type: Elementary
School Size: 650
Teacher/Student Ratio: 22/1
Grade Level(s): K-5
Number of Classes: 9
Criteria for Selection:

See website for information about our program and application procedures / instructions.

% of Native English Speaking Students: 50
% of students in program who are native speakers of the partner language: 30
% of students in program who are native bilinguals: 20
% of third language speakers: 5
Additional languages spoken: Chinese
Separation of Languages for Instruction: 90/10
% of School day Students from the two language groups is integrated: 100
Secondary Programs: Yes, middle school currently, high school in 2022
Language Used for Emergent Literacy Instruction: Spanish
% of Classroom Teacher proficient in both languages: 100
Additional Program Staff: 11
% of Additional Program staff proficient in both languages: 100
Program Evaluated on Regular basis?: Yes
Evaluator Contact: Charlie Bauer SOESD