MI Pequeño Mundo - Mi Little World Preschool

Basic Information

Address: 7306 Carnegie Court, Bakersfield, California. 93312
Phone Number: 6618297938
District: Norris
Director: Wendy Aldana

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Partner(non-english) Language used in Program: Spanish
First year of Program Implementation at Site: 2014
School Type: Bilingual Immersion
School Size: 14
Teacher/Student Ratio: 6/1
Grade Level(s): Pre-K
Number of Classes: 2
% of Native English Speaking Students: 30
% of students in program who are native speakers of the partner language: 70
% of students in program who are native bilinguals: 80
% of third language speakers: 10
% of School day Students from the two language groups is integrated: 100
Language Used for Emergent Literacy Instruction: 100
% of Classroom Teacher proficient in both languages: 100
% of Additional Program staff proficient in both languages: 100
Mission Statement:

My Little World is founded on the desire to provide young children the opportunity to learn a second language in a loving, caring and safe environment. We are proud to offer a Spanish instruction and immersion program, where children can learn the language in a natural way from a native speaker.
Our goal is to nurture all areas of development by creating a stimulating environment where the diversity and backgrounds of young learners are recognized and multicultural experiences are reflected through our curriculum and daily activities.

Belief Statements:

We believe that in the early years, learning occurs through experience in play. Therefore, we have developed a play-based curriculum where young learners construct their knowledge as they explore, experiment, discover, and solve problems in playful and unique ways. At the same time, we understand the importance of kindergarten readiness; with that in mind, we teach our preschoolers the skills needed for a smooth transition into kindergarten.