Field Elementary Dual Immersion School

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Basic Information

Address: 4375 Bannock Avenue San Diego, CA. 92117
Phone Number: (858) 800-5900
District: San Diego Unified School District
Fax Number: (858) 800-5949
Director: Amy Griffiths

Action Shots

Field Elementary Dual Immersion School
Field Elementary Dual Immersion School
Field Elementary Dual Immersion School
Field Elementary Dual Immersion School

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Additional Information

Partner(non-english) Language used in Program: Spanish
First year of Program Implementation at Site: 20013
School Type: Public School
School Size: 275
Teacher/Student Ratio: 24:1
Grade Level(s): Pre-K
Number of Classes: 3
Two-way Recruitment Procedures: Advertising, school tours, community outreach, preschool articulation nights
Criteria for Selection:

Neighborhood boundaries, CHOICE application process,

Available Program Materials: Brochures, fliers, pencils, bilingual books
% of Native English Speaking Students: 30.3
% of students in program who are native speakers of the partner language: 33.3
% of students in program who are native bilinguals: 33.3
% of third language speakers: 3
Additional languages spoken: Japanese, portuguese, vietnamese,
% of Students qualifying for Free/Reduced Lunch: 100
Separation of Languages for Instruction: 90% Target Language Spanish; 10% English Instruction
% of School day Students from the two language groups is integrated: 100
Secondary Programs: Currently developing pathways for secondary dual immersion instruction to continue
Language Used for Emergent Literacy Instruction: Spanish
% of Classroom Teacher proficient in both languages: 100
Additional Program Staff: Library assistant, Volunteers,
% of Additional Program staff proficient in both languages: 50%
Program Evaluated on Regular basis?: Yes
Evaluator Contact: Veronika Lopez-Mendez, Program Manager Office of Language Acquisition
Computer Capabilities:  All classrooms are equipped with i21 technologies to prepare students for 21st century learning.  Every classroom has a interactive promethean board, laptop, surround system with microphones, and tablets/netbooks for every child.
School Holidays: Follows district traditional school year calendar
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide strong basic skill instruction, critical thinking development, leadership opportunities, and successful integration experiences in an environment that nurtures a lifelong love of learning.

Belief Statements:

Each child will have the opportunity to develop emotionally, physically, socially, and academically.

We believe and are committed to the concepts that:

  • All children can learn.

  • Education is a continual process.

  • Cooperation and communication are necessary for learning.