Norris Middle School

Basic Information

Address: 2235 S 46th St Omaha, NE 68106
Phone Number: (402) 557-4800
District: Omaha Public Schools
Director: Dr. David Alati
Name of Project: OPS Dual Language Program

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Partner(non-english) Language used in Program: Spanish
First year of Program Implementation at Site: 2012
School Type: Public
Teacher/Student Ratio: 25/1
Grade Level(s): 6-8
Two-way Recruitment Procedures: Feeder School & ESL Program
Criteria for Selection:

Three types of students can enter the program at Norris.

  • Students from another dual language program
  • Spanish speaking students who have not previously particpated in the program
  • Newcomer ESL students
% of Native English Speaking Students: 5
% of students in program who are native speakers of the partner language: 80
% of students in program who are native bilinguals: 15
Separation of Languages for Instruction: By Course
% of School day Students from the two language groups is integrated: 100
Language Used for Emergent Literacy Instruction: Simultaneous Biliteracy
Program Evaluated on Regular basis?: No