Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies

Basic Information

Address: 1908 Seymour Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45237
Phone Number: 5133631800
Head of School: Ms. Janice Pitts

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Two Way Immersion
Immersion Type:
Partial Immersion
Language(s): Spanish
Year Started: 2002
School Size: 500
Classroom Size:
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1/25
Mission Statement:

We are committed to create opportunities in a supportive, academic environment: to prepare students to become Spanish-English Bilingual, Bi-literate, and Culturally Competent while developing the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

AMIS is proud to be one of the ISA school in the United States!!!
The "International Spanish Academies" (ISA) are educational institutions in the U.S. and Canada, of all non-university academic levels (Pre-K, Elementary, Middle and High School), of recognized academic prestige, that follow (with all or a part of their student body) an integrated curriculum of Spanish language and content. In order to join the ISA network, the institutions have signed an agreement of collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

School History:

We are a Dual Language Immersion school founded in 2002. The traditional Spanish Immersion Program was changed to Dual Language as a result of the 2000 Census which showed an increasing growing Hispanic population in Cincinnati.Our program servesnative English/Spanish speaking students Pre-K- 8th Grade.