Western Iowa Tech Community College

Basic Information

Address: 4647 Stone Ave
Phone Number: 712.274.8733 ext. 3218
Fax Number: 712.274.6412
Head of School: Terry Murrell, president

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Community College
Immersion Type:
Partial Immersion
Other Funding: scholarships
Language(s): Spanish
Year Started: 1966
School Size: 5500
Classroom Size:
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:15
School Clubs:

multiple available

School Holidays: New Year's Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Mission Statement:

As a comprehensive community college, our mission is to provide quality education and to economically enhance the communities we serve.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Everyone can learn with the right motivation and encouragement. Language learning is best done with targeted practice and imrpoved upon grately with immersion experience.

School History:

Wester Iowa Tech Community College is in its 54th year of service and has grown from a technical school to a comprehensive community college with Arts & Sciences transfer options. We are now partnering with a number of four year colleges to create 2 + 2 programs completed right here on our campus. We have 4 beautiful dorms for live-in housing. Get the full college experience at a fraction of the cost on our campus in Sioux City, IA.