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Basic Information

Address: 9522 E San Salvador Drive, Scottsdale, AZ
Phone Number: 4808742326
Head of School: Micheline Dutil-Hofmann

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International School of Arizona
International School of Arizona
International School of Arizona
International School of Arizona

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Additional Information

Immersion Type:
Total Immersion
Language(s): French, Spanish, English
Year Started: 1998
School Size: 280
Classroom Size:
Student/Teacher Ratio: Depends on age group
Program Materials:

ISA's fully accredited Spanish and French language immersion programs allow your child to achieve bilingualism through play, routine and the study of math, science, social studies, music and art.

Each program integrates the acquisition of the English language. Educational standards from France, Spain, and the State of Arizona are used to create a challenging and rigorous curriculum where the best of the combined systems are used at each grade level. No matter which language track you choose, your child is sure to receive a high quality global-focused education while becoming bilingual and bi-literate.

School Clubs:

After-school activities include: Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Robotics, STEM, Guitar lessons, Rhythm & Percussion, Lego, Garden Club, Art.

Mission Statement:

To help students between 18 months and eighth grade achieve bilingualism by offering a fully immersive academic program that encourages meaningful connections, maximizes future academic and professional opportunities, and boosts problem-solving, decision-making and multitasking capabilities.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

As international educators, we recognize the value of bilingualism in an increasingly global society, and we strive to be effective, culturally conscious leaders who promote tolerance, awareness and acceptance within our classrooms.

Our Values/Philosophy

Academic Excellence: Our curriculum consistently exceeds Arizona and U.S. national standards and follows the requirements of the French Ministry of Education and the Spanish Ministry of Education, providing challenging, rigorous and comprehensive pre-high school instruction.

Academic Multilingual Fluency: Our goal is to help students achieve academic biliteracy and bilingualism in either English and Spanish or English and French by having them follow the Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) standards for acquiring a foreign language. Students begin learning a third language in fourth grade and continue doing so through middle school.
Intercultural Understanding: Rather than simply "teach" French or Spanish, we teach students IN French or Spanish, resulting in fluency, not only in traditional academic subject matters, but in a second or third language as well.

Innovation: We recognize the immense value in STEM/STREAM education, and we promote inquiry and creativity through project-based learning.

Diversity: We strive to maintain a diverse, culturally inclusive academic environment. Our students and educators represent many nationalities, religions and cultures.

Respect: Our program instills a deep understanding of the relationship between culture and language and instills in our students a sense of the inherent value and dignity of all human beings and cultures.

Global Leadership: Our international educators teach and model compassion and understanding for building a better, safer and more harmonious world. Our students are sensitive, culturally conscious advocates of diversity.

We are a nonprofit, independent school that welcomes families of all nationalities, races, religions and cultures. Our campus is safe, welcoming and diverse, and our students gain considerable cognitive, academic and employment benefits through achieving bilingualism.

Additional Information:

To schedule a tour or to attend an Open House, please call or email us:, tel. 480-874-2326