El Capitan High School

Basic Information

Phone Number: 619-938-9215
Fax Number: 619-390-8503
Head of School: Laura Whitaker

Action Shots

El Capitan High School
El Capitan High School
El Capitan High School
El Capitan High School

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Additional Information

School Type: Public Secondary High School
Immersion Type:
Two Way Immersion
Language(s): Spanish, Chinese
Year Started: 2013
School Size: 1,500
Classroom Size:
Student/Teacher Ratio: 30/1
Separation of Languages for Instruction: Two academic classes per day in target language
Computer Capabilities:

All students one-one laptops in 10th grade. Four extra computer labs with voice/video technology.

School Holidays: Public holidays
Mission Statement:

     El Capitan High School has adopted the mission of achieving Excellence through Community.  We strive for academic excellence, support and foster a positive school climate, and aim to stimulate student curiosity, both inside and outside the classroom.
     The Global Language & Leadership Program prepares students to be globally competent citizens, workers, and leaders, by equipping them with the linguistic, cultural, and academic skills necessary for success in an increasingly interconnected  world.


Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The Global Language & Leadership Program at El Capitan High School provides an innovative and rigorous course of study for students who are interested in further developing multiple language proficiencies in high school. Our goal is to provide a dynamic, international perspective to students who wish to continue with rigorous language and cultural studies from their middle schools.
El Capitan High School offers a flexible choice of AP courses and content in the target languages of study. Students are exposed to multiple options for high-level language studies, global issues across all course disciplines, flexible opportunities for study abroad, career internships at the local level, and project-based learning. By pursuing the path of the GLLP, they will exceed the requirements for the UC/CSU system and earn the seal of biliteracy or triliteracy on a specialized diploma upon graduation.
While enrolled in the Global Language & Leadership Program, students can remain involved in a variety of high school experiences. Schedules will be flexible enough that language immersion students can take a variety of AP classes, while also participating in athletics, performing and visual arts, ASB, AVID, and CTE. Technology will be an integral component for all grade levels. Students enrolled in the GLL Program will meet or exceed the UC/CSU requirements for graduation.

School History:

Established in 1959.

Social Networks:

Partnerships with Grossmont Community College, CSU San Marcos, Sister-Cities and the House of Spain in Balboa Park, American Cultural Exchange Program, Advanced International Academy, Confucius Institute, SDSU International Programs.