Instructional design coordinators come into contact with modern computing and communication technology on a daily basis, and must have a strong mastery of a variety of technology-related fields. The instructional design coordinator is expected to work closely with faculty and administrative staff to facilitate technology use in the modern classroom. He or she has experience working with multimedia applications, is familiar with the principles of web design, digital content distribution, online collaboration software (groupware), chat rooms and message boards, content repositories, online information storage and retrieval, and preferentially has industry experience working with or developing these technologies.

The successful candidate must also be closely familiar with common desktop computing environments, especially Microsoft Windows and, to a lesser extent, Mac OS, both of which are used in academic settings. Familiarity with common desktop development and office applications, such as Microsoft Office, Macromedia Dreamweaver and other applications in the Macromedia Studio series, Adobe Photoshop, GoLive, applications designed for use in academic settings, such as Camtasia, and other applications used for developing web content and facilitating remote instruction.