SchoolPlus Enrichment

Basic Information

Address: 8 Cliff Rd. Apt C2 New Brunswick, NJ
Phone Number: 7322464150

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Founder/President/Principal: Dr. Olga I. Fookson
School Type: private enrichment program
Founded: 1995
Ages/Grades: k-12
School Size: 600 students
Classroom Size: 3-8
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8:1


Financial Aid:

for needy families


Mathematics, Science, English, Russian, Latin


Math: We offer classes for children of different ages and different math levels. What unites all the teachers and all the programs is that we teach children to think. We develop their mathematical abilities and build their math knowledge

English: Our job is to arouse an appetite for the best; to make young students joyfully aware of the explosive, poignant, soothing, analytical and often mystifying qualities of language carefully formulated. We offer classes in in critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.

Russian: to support family language for all ages and levels and prepare for AP Russian
Latin: for 10-16 y.o.
Science: prep for AP tests

System Requirements:

Fast Internet connections, Video Camera, headphone

Mission Statement:

SchoolPlus mission is to provide K-12 students with an alternative, advanced, challenging perspective on familiar subjects and to encourage students to explore academics beyond the classroom.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our philosophy is always to first ‘go deeper’ before ‘going wider’. We focus on the mastery of key concepts that are already familiar to students before introducing material from the next level. Whatever a subject is we teach to think and understand not just memorize. Our programs seek to supplement basic school curriculum and enhance students' performance in and out of the classroom

School History:

ScoolPlus started in 1995 with one branch in NJ and quickly expanded to three state area having today 12 branches
We started with math classes for HS and expended to all ages from 5-17 and to many other subjects - English, Russian, Latin, Science.

Notes/School Information:

SchoolPlus Enrichment program was established in 1995 in NJ and today run 12 branches in three state area. In 2016 we opened virtual classes using our 24 years of teaching experience on-site classroom.
Your child will learn from first-class teachers with classmates in a small virtual class. Looking for a challenge? Help? Schoolplus virtual classes provide both. The exciting new technology connects your child to meaningful education provided by excellent teachers. Students learn in a virtual classroom with a real teacher and real classmates in real-time from their home. All classes are interactive --students engage in discussion with their teachers and classmates, and they write, type and draw on a virtual whiteboard.