The Barney Bean Show

The Barney Bean Show was a late afternoon children's television program on WYTV-TV (Channel 33) in Youngstown, Ohio.

Each show, Barney Bean would draw a picture which started with a child's initials.

Barney Bean's sidekick was named Sherwood. Sherwood was No city slicker. He was a dummy

The show featured a live audience of local children. The station would repeat the footage of Barney's studio audience during the late night news program for parents who were not able to see the daytime broadcast.

There was even a locally produced 45 rpm record, "BARNEY BEAN & SHERWOOD - FOR KIDS FOR FUN".

Barney Bean was actually David William "Bill" Harris, an announcer and station manager for the television station. In the mid 1960's, Harris also hosted a locally produced game show - TV Bingo. Bill ( Barney Bean ) died June 23, 2008 - age 79.