Wunda Wunda Children's Television Programming

Wunda Wunda is the name of an early children's television series that aired in Seattle, Washington between 1953 and 1972 on Seattle NBC affiliate, KING-TV, channel 5.

The program starred Ruth Prins as Wunda Wunda, who read stories and sang songs with other characters on the show. She wore a princess hat and clown-like make-up, sitting on a magical rug to do most of her show. She had a magic window she used to help tell her stories, which was basically a pane of glass she marked with a felt pen. Wunda Wunda's regular guests included "Clancy the Clock" (an animated alarm clock) and a puppet drum with a face who indicated the beginning of music time.

Wunda Wunda's opening theme song went:
        Wunda Wunda is my name.
        oh boys and girls, I'm glad you came.
        We'll have fun and we'll play games.
        Won't you play with me?

At the closing of each show, the last line of her theme song would change to: "Won't you come again?"

Another version, in the mid '60s went:
        Wunda Wunda is my name.
        Oh boys and girls I'm glad you came.
        We'll have fun as I explain
        How we play our Wunda games.

        Let me take you by the hand
        And we'll go to Wonderland.
        There we'll play with every friend
        The Wunda games of "Let's Pretend".