Kitirik Children's Television Programming

Kitirik was a children's television character portrayed by Bunny Orsak.

KTRK-TV channel 13 was just starting out in Houston, Texas, and needing a mascot they came up with a black cat since they were the unlucky 13. Bunny answered an ad for the fledgling station in 1954. "Kitirik" wore a black leotard with black fishnet stockings, and drew whiskers on her face. The show was broadcast live, so she read commercials, hosted station breaks, read mail from viewers and introduced cartoons. A contest won by a viewer gave her the name by putting i's between the station's call letters, KTRK. Then came a studio audience, and the bleachers were filled with excited kids on live TV. But the carousel was the biggest thrill, reserved for kids having birthdays who also were allowed to stick their hand into a hole in a hollow "tree" on the set & grab a handful of pennies. Kitirik stayed on the air until cancellation in 1971.