The Kid America Club

The Kid America Club is an unconventional variety show that first started its sporadic broadcasts in 2002 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Public-access television cable TV in New York City. In an interview with The Hour, Third Base, one of the primary characters, stated that the show "is about cartoons and acting crazy, and Frankie and Third Base, and Caruthers".

The show centers on the character called Frankie, who lives in a small apartment in New York. His over-active imagination helps him cope with his boring life as a comic book writer. A grumpy, green monster called Third Base shares the apartment with Frankie. They watch fictional television shows including" A Better Tomorrow" - a soap opera set in post-apocalyptic New York featuring Donald Cumming - "Space Fight!" a star farce , and "TV-Plus Action News" featuring a reporter called Demurgatroid. Third Base's favorite show "Lil' Hipsters", a sitcom featuring a cast of hand-puppets.

Frank Sisti Jr. who plays the character "Frankie" has described the show as similar to Sesame Street. Members of the Kid America Club include Frank Sisti Jr., Jeffrey Roberts, George Psillides, and Keir Kramlich, who began as an intern.

The Kid America Club cast have released two albums. Their self-released debut was entitled "Kid America and the Action Figures". Their single, "Dancin'" was released by Rough Trade in England.

Their second record, "Revenge of the Clubhouse" was executive produced by hip-hop's Dante Ross of Stimulated Dummies fame. The album was highlighted by puppet raps and cracked out references. Songs include "Downtown Anthem" and "Bubblegum".