Blinky's Fun Club

Blinky's Fun Club was a children's television program that aired on KWGN-TV in Denver, Colorado from 1966 to 1998.

The show also aired on KKTV in Colorado Springs from 1958 to 1966.

The star of Blinky's Fun Club was Blinky the Clown, played by Russell Scott. In the early 1980s additional characters began to appear regularly, including Otis and Zelda, played by husband and wife acting duo Michael Berg and C.J. Prince.

Children would appear on each show to celebrate their birthdays, and they would be treated to a special performance of "Happy Birthday (sung as Birf-Day) to You," sung by Blinky himself.

Over 10,000 episodes, taped at KWGN's studios, initially located at Lincoln & Speer in Denver, later in Greenwood Village, aired during the show's three decades on the air. However, the station has reportedly saved tapes of only ten shows. KCNC & KUSA, reportedly, were able to get a few of the episodes out of the trash, and have them in their libraries.

KWGN's general manager Bill Ross cancelled the show in 1998.