South Dakota Adventure

South Dakota Adventure is an educational television series about the state of South Dakota. The program was hosted by Richard Mueller and was produced from 1980 to 1984 by South Dakota Public Television. Each of the thirty-two episodes is just under fifteen minutes in length.

Episode list
    101 South Dakota: Land of Infinite Variety
    102 Prehistoric Dakota
    103 Early Indians of South Dakota
    104 The Sioux Peoples
    105 Tiyospaye
    106 Indian Wisdom and Beliefs
    107 White Culture Arrives in South Dakota
    108 Louisiana Purchase
    109 Fur Trading
    110 The Military Comes to South Dakota
    111 Early Day Tourists
    112 Dakota Settlement
    113 Sioux Nationalism
    114 The Reservation System
    115 The Great Dakota Boom
    116 Black Hills Gold Rush
    117 Life In and Around the Black Hills
    118 Territorial Government
    119 Pioneer Entertainment
    120 Statehood
    121 Your State Government
    122 South Dakota Enters the 20th Century
    123 The Thirties
    124 South Dakotans Serve Their Country
    125 South Dakotans Serve Country -II
    126 Education
    127 Conservation and Ecology
    128 South Dakota's Natural Resources
    129 Recreation and Tourism
    130 Famous South Dakotans
    131 What South Dakota Produces
    132 South Dakota: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow