Ricki & Copper

Ricki & Copper (1959-1969) was a popular local children's program that ran weekday mornings on WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was one of two locally-produced children's shows that aired on WTAE, the other being Paul Shannon's Adventure Time, which aired in the afternoon. The show was originally an off-shoot of another local program, The Comedy Show which ran from 1958 to 1959.

The series was hosted by Ricki Wertz and "Copper", a half whippet, half golden retriever with reddish hair dog, who in real life was owned by Wertz. The live program featured children in the audience and like most children shows back in the day featured fun, games, safety tips and cartoons. She would also reward her audience with Hostess CupCakes after chanting "Ala-ka-zaam, Ka-zaam, Ka-zoom!" during every show.

Other characters on the program included a puppet called Mr. Boom-Man (who of course, was attached to a boom microphone), which was created by Wertz's husband, Tom Borden. The reason behind Mr. Boom-Man was to help Wertz keep the mostly 4 to 8 year olds on camera and not on Copper, who viewers believed was the actual star of the show.

Final years
However, tragedy would strike the show in 1967, when a stroke resulted in Copper becoming paralyzed and would be put to sleep that same year. Another dog, (full-blooded golden retriever with reddish hair) Copper Penny, would become the new "Copper."

But by 1969, Wertz decided to no longer do "Ricki & Copper" due to her decision to become a full-time mother after her daughter was born (prematurately). Wertz however continued to host another WTAE program, Junior High Quiz, until it ended its run in 1982.