Dawn D Collins

Basic Information

Address: 87 Sunset Drive, Stuyvesant, NY 12173
Phone Number: 518 424-2342
Director: Dawn Collins

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Dawn D Collins
Dawn D Collins
Dawn D Collins
Dawn D Collins

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Additional Information

Length: 1-2 hours each

Local within NY State

Pricing: $200 per hour plus mileage reimbursement if over 30 miles

Colonial and Revolutionary War History through Music; the Native American Style Flute History and Performance; Mountain Dulcimer History and Performance; Mountain Dulcimer History and Small Group Instruction; Acoustic Guitar Introductory Instruction (participants provide their own instrument); World Music Interactive Demonstration and Performance; Elementary Education Song, Movement, and Interactive Rhythm; Sound Wellness with Interactive Performance of World Instruments (High School)

Residencies: One week immersion in Mountain Dulcimer (Monday-Friday); One week immersion in Native American Style Flute
Setup: One-half hour to 45 minutes
Takedown: One-half hour to 45 minutes
Equiptment: Sound system appropriate for room size, microphones, cables, stands for microphone(s), and sound system, oblong display tables, armless chairs (2), electric power cables
Special Requirements: A rolling cart to transport instruments in from outside, if available.

"Born Creative" Arts & Music for Children & Families
Every child is creative and musical. Sessions are designed to tap into natural abilities and encourage confidence in using those abilities. Classes use a range of art forms, including music and movement. Literacy-based activities may be incorporated. Dawn has extensive experience with special populations, such as, developmentally disabled, autistic spectrum, learning challenged, and those with emotional issues.

Introduction to Native American Style Flute (2 hours)
Interactive workshop covering how to hold the flute, breath control, playing the pentatonic flute Mode 1 and Mode 4, improvising using one breath and one or mote notes, reading tablature (what is tablature?), playing with other instruments, intro to ornaments, playing in duos and more, display of personal collection of flutes from various builders, and resource handouts.

Historic Music Performances, Multi-Instrumental or Focusing on Mountain Dulcimer - Vocal and instrumental (mountain dulcimer, guitar, Native American-style flute, & more) Period Songs and tunes dating from 1600s through 1800s and early 1900s, drawn from European cultural traditions as well as other ethnic influences, brought to America and shared. Many of these tunes have become classic favorites handed down from generation to generation. May be performed in costume.

Acoustic Guitar OR Mountain Dulcimer Group Instruction - history of the instrument in America, simple theory, rhythm instruction and teaching of tablature, explanation of layout of fretboard, and at least two songs taught in first lesson with gradual progression. (Cardboard dulcimers for eight participants available for use during workshop. If more than eight participants registered, additional dulcimers may be available with ample advance notice.) For acoustic guitar, participants must provide their own fully strung and tuned in standard tuning.

Profound Sound
An overview of the history of sound as a healing modality, information on psychoacoustics, the physiological and emotional effects of sound and music; highlights on major contributors to the field of sound and music healing; and a hands-on demonstration of the instruments and tools, tips on techniques available to aid in enhancing your own sound health, plus a take home resource list. Recommended duration: 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

World Music (1 1/2 hours-2 Hours; May Be Series)
A tour of world music from regions of Africa, the Orient, East and Mid-East, Celtic Countries, Major European, Australia & New Zealand, and lastly, the U.S.A. and Canada, concentrating on the traditional music from each region rather than the popular trendy music of today. Instruments from various regions are displayed and demonstrated and songs from their countries of origin are taught whenever possible. This is an interactive class with group participation highly encouraged! For a single presentation, two hour minimum and it is quick overview from major regions. This could be a one-week immersion of five classes of one to two hours each.

Mission Statement:

My mission is to provide educational and entertaining musical and arts-based programs that will encourage learning in a non-critical environment that fosters healthy physical, emotional and spiritual development at any age.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

To encourage each person's perception of themselves as a creative, artistic individual and their life as a work of art in process. To diminish educational, physical and emotional barriers to music and art-making. To facilitate an individual's or group's joyful entry into "unordinary reality" through the arts and their safe re-entry to ordinary reality and ability to integrate their art-based learning into their "real" life odinary experiences. From a holistic viewpoint, to encourage each person's building of healthy connections in their mind, body and spirit.

Program History:

Dawn Collins has been providing musical programs to all age levels for over thirty years. As of 2006, Dawn diversified into the expressive arts and multi-modal programming utilizing music and creative arts. She has a M.A. in Expressive Arts/Psychology and a M.A. in Worship/Ethnomusicology. Her credentials include multiple certifications in healing arts and therapeutic modalities. Dawn is very experienced working with special needs clients and with elders. Dawn was certified in Music for Healing and Transition in 1997. Her full background may be viewed at http://www.expressiveartscenter.com

Testimonials: Thank you so much for coming to the Catskill Library and presenting your vocal meditation workshop....the workshop was splendid." Audrey Matott, Library Assistant ibrary Workshop Comments after Palenville Library Performance: "The music was great! My two year old just loved playing along with the various instruments and also really enjoyed the puppets. Thank you for a nice evening." Audience participant "Dawn was an absolute delight to have at our library. The children were so joyfully engaged!" Tracy, Palenville Librarian "We enjoyed having you and clearly the kids did too. We would like to have you return,,,. Thank you for a wonderful time! " Carol Roberts, Librarian, Troy Public Library "Dawn is a creative and wonderful person. She brings smiles to my residents every time she comes to sing, play her flute or do an art project with them". Jennifer Wheeler, Whittier Nursing Home, Ghent, NY "Dawn puts a humongous smile on my son Andrew's face. He absolutely delights in engaging in her music and art sessions. She gives a much needed outlet for my son's creative expression. I am so thrilled to have found such a gem for my son with special needs. " Diane Gelles, Hudson, NY "Dawn has been an excellent resource for us. She always has a positive attitude and is flexible whenever needed. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who is looking for assistance with learning music as she is fluent in many types of instruments and music styles. Dawn also does therapeutic expressive arts and is quick to come up with ideas. Dawn has been both a positive influence and role model to both myself and the young man I work with. Jeremy Dresdner, caregiver, CoARC special needs client." "Thank you for showing and sharing the knowledge and technique needed to play the dulcimer....history also. I think of your direction on chord study, the shapes that are formed, picking and strumming and so much more." L. Fritze, class participant in Dulcimer Group classes at Cairo Libary, Cairo, NY