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Basic Information

Address: 31465 Cedar Crest Trail NE
Phone Number: 6515875435
Director: Steve Fredlund

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Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund
Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund
Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund
Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund

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Additional Information

Focus: High School level students, faculty and administration
Grade Levels: 9-12
Length: 30-90 minutes

Yes, willing to travel from Minnesota

Pricing: $5,000 standard; negotiable based on a number of factors

The Safari Way to Greater Happiness

Residencies: n/a
Setup: Minimal
Takedown: Minimal
Equipment: Projector, screen & HDMI cable plus microphone
Special Requirements: n/a

Being a student is like an African safari, an ongoing experience blending excitement and stress. When we apply the same intentionality that goes into a safari to school, we find ourselves more engaged, less stressed, and happier in both school and the rest of life. Steve Fredlund is known as "The Safari Dude" and he uses compelling stories from the savannah to invite us to renew our passion for school and life by choosing our experience, getting the right peeps in our Jeeps, doing the unright thing, taking in the view and embracing the adventure.

Mission Statement:

Helping make the adventure of life truly epic.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: "Life is either an epic adventure, or it is nothing at all" - Helen Keller
Program History:

Delivered versions of this talk more than 50 times.


Steve was great to work with! He took the time to get to know details about our group and the conference program.  He even offered to do a promotional video for our meeting (which I took him up on) and he recorded the video in no time.

We also appreciate that he texted us when he arrived at the hotel and let us know he would be down early to make sure everything was ready for his presentation.

His message hit the mark and was the perfect wrap-up for our program.  It was humorous, relatable, and full of practical leadership lessons.  After his presentation he took the time to chat with attendees and even offered to help Lauren and I pack up our table!

I really can’t think of anything he could have done differently to make his presentation better.

Celeste Shelton
Executive Director
National Association of Credit Union Chairs
Del Mar, California

Steve was amazing. His down to earth message held the attention of all 300 employees. From new hire hourly employees to 35+ year salary managers. I received several compliments and was thanked several times for hiring Steve. We will hire again for future corporate events. - Bill Eshleman, Costco

Steve did a great job of sharing insights that drove conversation afterward, with every team member sharing their thoughts and engaging in a meaningful discussion - Bruce Copner, DISYS IT Sales & Recruiting

Steve was so easy, fun and energetic to work with! His passion is contagious, and he left the audience inspired to make the most of their life. His background is full of various experiences, so he is sure to relate to the whole audience. - Alyssa Warring, Detroit Metropolitan Apartment Association

Steve did an awesome job speaking as the last speaker of our three day conference,     which is a hard spot to be in and have the ability to keep the group engaged. He was able to do that and much more and kept the group laughing and learning for the hour we had him. Great discussion for any business or team leader to be a part of. - Allie Hancock, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Executives (MCCE)

Steve worked hard to understand our audience including their concerns and pain points, so he could relate his presentation to those areas, and he was spot on! – Toni Nuernberg, National Association of Credit Managers (NACM) North Central
Additional Information:

Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund has had profound impact as an actuary, humanitarian, coach, consultant, author, speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur and leader of African safaris. His research into happiness blended remarkably with his safari experiences, leading to his discovery that greater happiness in life may be found as we view it as an epic adventure; he calls this "The Safari Way." Steve is a two-time TEDx speaker, fellow of the Society of Actuaries, and best-selling author of "Do the Unright Thing: Memoir of a People Pleaser." When not working, he can be found on the disc golf course, at a poker table, or suffering through another season as a Minnesota sports fan.