FUNance - Where Fun and Finance Collide!

Basic Information

Address: 154 County Route 52 Greenwich, NY 12834
Phone Number: 8777079534
Director: Brad Zupp

Action Shots

FUNance - Where Fun and Finance Collide!
FUNance - Where Fun and Finance Collide!
FUNance - Where Fun and Finance Collide!
FUNance - Where Fun and Finance Collide!

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Additional Information

Focus: Students discover the importance of math by learning the essentials of personal finance.
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8
Length: 45 minutes

Travel costs are included in the price of the assembly

Pricing: Based on location and number of shows; contact for quote
Setup: 45 minutes
Takedown: 30 minutes
Equipment: Performer provides all necessary equipment.

Students discover the importance of math in everyday life while learning personal finance! Every concept is presented visually using the performing arts; comedy, storytelling, circus arts, magic, and balancing. Students learn: • Needs and wants • What saving money is, plus why & how to do it • Where money actually comes from - and where it goes • Spending plans/budgeting • What debt is, plus why & how to avoid it (for older students) BONUS: A free downloadable copy of "6 Ways to Help Your Child Learn about Money" for each student's family. Watch the short video above of The FUNance Show to see how fun it can be to learn about math and personal finance.

Program History:

As a former Financial Planner and Accredited Asset Manager Specialist (College of Financial Planning), Brad Zupp is uniquely qualified to teach students about the importance of math and personal finance. He uses his 30 years of worldwide performing experience to entertain grades K-6 while helping them grasp abstract finance concepts like budgeting, saving, needs and wants and more.

Students leave the assembly grasping concepts that many adults don't, with an ability to not only understand math and money, but know how they can get more of what they want, all without begging and pleading!

Brad Zupp started his professional performing career at age 12, entertaining people at fairs, festivals, and corporate events through age 17, when he attended the prestigious Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in Venice, Florida.

After two years performing with Ringling Brothers circus, he continued his performing career internationally for over 20 years, on cruise ships, at theme parks, schools and corporate events worldwide.

He put performing on the back burner for several years in his 30s while pursuing a successful career as a financial planner with A.G. Edwards & Sons and Wachovia Securities, helping families with personal finance issues, investments and estate planning. He held a Series 7 license in addition to earning an Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation from the College for Financial Planning.

With the FUNance For Kids Assembly Show, Brad combines his passion for entertaining "children of all ages" and his enthusiasm for helping people (even kids) make sound financial decisions. By using the performing arts, including magic, storytelling, comedy and circus arts, Brad makes learning about math and personal finance both fun and memorable.

Testimonials: “Too many laughs to count! Brad had every child in the assembly hanging on his every word. ” — Mrs. K, MA “Mr. Zupp, besides being a genuine entertainer, had the kids engaged during the entire assembly. They all walked away with a new found appreciation and comprehension of personal finance. Brad was also very organized, providing us with materials pre and post show. It was a wonderful experience start to finish.” — Susan G, NY “I think your topic is a tough one to get through to kids, but you manage to do it. My one daughter who spends a dollar as soon as she gets it came home and told me she is going to start being a Savagator instead of a Spendosaurus. So you did great in my book!” — Kim L, NJ “My favorite feedback was hearing from parents how their kids came home and talked about spending vs. saving and needs vs wants. The parents hadn’t seen the show but their children understood the lessons well enough to explain them at home.” — Mrs. K, MA “The enthusiasm and knowledge you reflected in your performance were superb...such a creative way of teaching the children about money and savings. This was the liveliest and most entertaining show I have seen and I would be honored to recommend you to other schools.” — Rosalind B, CT “I was amazed that you were able to take rather dry material and make it not only accessible but engaging. You had the undivided attention of all the children, and teachers as well. One of the finest assembly programs I have seen and one I highly recommend.” — Nancy H, CT “May I say… WOW! Loved the show. Had been nervous booking it because it was about money - not something we usually talk about! But Mr. Zupp handled it so equitably and made really sound points... Brilliant really and he made the concepts fun and completely VISUAL. My 9 year old son (not one to gush) said, “Wow, Mom, I really learned a lot!” and has become more aware of what things cost and how adjusting his “wants” can positively impact our family budget. Teachers loved it. Kids loved it. Parents heard about it. ” — Mary B, CT