Half Twisted - Half Knot

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Basic Information

Address: 202 Randall Street, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188
Phone Number: 262-751-3568
Director: Peter John Lindsay

Action Shots

Half Twisted - Half Knot
Half Twisted - Half Knot
Half Twisted - Half Knot
Half Twisted - Half Knot

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Additional Information

Focus: Balloon twisting and Balloon Entertainment
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 30 to one hour (depending on needs)


Pricing: Starting at $150 per show (basic travel included, some additional travel expenses may apply)

Basic balloon twisting, introduction to theater and creativity workshops

Setup: 10 minutes
Takedown: 10 minutes
Equipment: provided

Shows are designed to spark creativity by using a variety of sizes, shapes student interaction and develop listening and communications skills. Since Balloons come in various sizes, shapes and colors, they can be used to easily illustrate that we may be each different, but each has unique value and also if we work together we can build amazing things.

Mission Statement:

To not only entertain, but to make the audience better for having seen me.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: It is up to each of us to lead the next generation to explore their dreams and inspire them to reach for them.
Program History:

Peter John has been performing for audiences for 26 years. Starting as a fire eater and escape artist trying to entertain older audiences. By performing these shows he learned how to gain and hold the audience's attention. After a year of limited venues, he started specializing in magic and adding balloons to his show. Slowly the show became more family friendly and children centered with both magic and balloons. The audience loved the balloon portions and pushed for more and larger balloon creations, until the show was almost all balloons. Peter John has won numerous awards, including second place in the large category an international balloon competition.