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Address: 352 Second Street Pike Suite #150 Southampton, PA 18966
Phone Number: 267-969-0688
Director: "Jungle Joe" Fortunato

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Additional Information

Focus: Animal and Wildlife Education
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 30-60 minutes


Pricing: Varies depending upon program and travel distance

All of our wildlife programs give audiences an exciting opportunity to learn about animals and the need to protect and preserve them. We are not a petting zoo; we are an exciting and educational live-animal program that captivates audiences with its outstanding and diverse display of exotic animals from around the globe.

Setup: 15-45 minutes depending on program
Takedown: 15-30 minutes

Jungle Joe's Wildlife Adventures is an eco-adventure that spotlights some of the rarest and most exotic animals from around the world including: birds of prey, parrots, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

Children and adults learn about the fascinating diversity of wildlife and how to protect and preserve the world's animals and environment. You'll be amazed by the types of amazing wildlife you will see. This fun-filled family show offers a unique encounter with the unusual and the unexpected.

Mission Statement:

We provide zoology enrichment classes at schools, day care centers, summer camps, birthday parties, mitzvahs, libraries, senior citizen centers, churches, scout gatherings, community, corporate, and private events throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey. We also provide animals for television appearances and movie production.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: In July 2009 , the Zoological Association of America (ZAA) accredited Animal Junction/Jungle Joe’s Wildlife Adventures and in October 2009 his facility was accredited by the Feline Conservation Accreditation (FCF). Joe is presently a member of numerous organizations, including the Zoological Association of America (ZAA), the American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK), the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZAA), the Feline Conservation Federation (FCF), and the United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK). Fortunato continuously advances his knowledge of exotic wildlife, through extensive research, attending lectures and seminars on the latest procedures and technical advances, hands on training, consulting outside professionals, and extensive travel throughout the world. He has been to Africa, Indonesia and the Galapagos Islands to study, film and photograph wildlife.
Program History:

We have provided animals for celebrities such as Chris and Martin Kratt (Wild Kratts), Jack Hanna (Into the Wild), Jarod Miller (Animal Explorations), Dave Salmoni (Into the Pride), Jeremy Wade (River Monsters), Peter Gros (Wild Kingdom) and Ron Magill (Miami MetroZoo). Our animals have made appearances on many national television shows such as Good Morning America, David Letterman, Rachel Ray, Jimmy Fallon, Regis and Kelly Show, CBS Early Show, NBC Today Show, Fox & Friends, and many others.

Testimonials: Please accept this overdue thank you for your assembly at Lakeside School in November. Your presentation made an impact, not only because of the fascinating menagerie you brought, but also because of YOU. You made an impression by your professionalism, your approachability, your knowledge, and your ability to relate to our kids. You balanced the "educational" aspect with the "entertainment" and we all learned something. Thank you for presenting your animals, but more. Thank you for sharing your story of embracing change, of following your passion, of creating your path, managing the set-backs, and finding alternatives. You have a gift - not only of experience, but of connecting with others (and the animals). Lakeside was privileged to have you as our guest. I hope you continue in this mission, especially as you care for these special creatures and promote their respect and value. Jungle Joe’s Wildlife Adventures is one of the most dedicated and kind traveling zoos and will ensure you have such an amazing experience. They are so generous and make an amazing show for any event and party. Definitely do not hesitate to book them, you will not regret it! Jungle Joe's Wildlife Adventures is fun, informational and safe! Joe provides great information about the animals and conservation. The kids had a terrific time! Definitely will ask him to come again!
Additional Information:


2018 Professional Zooculturist, Member Zoological Association of America, ZAA

2016 Special Community Acheivement Award, Bucks County Business Association, BCBA

2011 Best of Bucks - Mont Award, Children's Entertainment, The Intelligencer

2011 Best of Bucks - Mont Award, Best Children's Birthday Parties, The Courier Times

2010 Best Animal Education Center in Pennsylvania, OfficalBestOf.com

2010 Best of Bucks - Mont Award, Children's Entertainment, The Intelligencer

2009-2012 Accreditation by the Zoological Association of America, ZAA

2009 Accreditation by the Feline Conservation Federation, FCF

2009 Best of Bucks - Mont Award, Children's Entertainment, The Intelligencer

2008 Neighbor's Choice Award, Best Children's Entertainment, Philadelphia Inquirer

2007-2008 People's Choice Award, Best Children's Entertainment, Phila. Daily News

Former Board Member/Secretary and Journal Contributor, Feline Conservation Federation