Las Guitarras de España (The Guitars of Spain)

Basic Information

Address: 1301 W. Ancona St, Chicago, Il, 60642
Phone Number: 312-969-6987
Fax Number: 312-829-6987
Director: Carlo Basile

Action Shots

Las Guitarras de España (The Guitars of Spain)
Las Guitarras de España (The Guitars of Spain)
Las Guitarras de España (The Guitars of Spain)
Las Guitarras de España (The Guitars of Spain)

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45-60min Music/Dance/Lecture

Varies - usually includes transport, food and lodging

Pricing: $150-$350 per artist depending on distance traveled

Lectures and demonstrations in Spanish guitar, Flamenco dance, Flamenco singing, and traditional Flamenco music and dance for ensembles

Residencies: Available. More info upon request.
Setup: 10-15min for small ensemble
Takedown: 10-15min for small ensemble
Equipment: The ensemble is "self contained" and travels with PA (for up to 750 students), small dance floor (if needed) and all other equipment for performances.
Special Requirements: None

Las Guitarras de España offers a bi-lingual, interactive and energetic performance featuring live traditional Spanish guitar music and Spanish flamenco dance.

Mission Statement:

The expose young audiences to artistic possibilities by demonstrating Spanish music and dance works.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: It is essential to "engage" young audiences and to "involve" them in the each performance without talking down to them. We make an effort to have a more "grown up" dialogue with the students when possible.
Program History:

Over the past 10 years, Las Guitarras de Espana has consistently performed to sold-out venues in Chicago and the Midwest. The ensemble has also performed at numerous universities, concert series, and performing arts venues. Members of the ensemble have roots from Brazil, Peru, Italy, Cuba, Mexico, and Portugal and they have traveled to, and performed or studied in, over 30 countries. In the fall of 2005, the ensemble, in collaboration with Clinard Dance Theatre, presented "Unraveling Rhythms" to audiences in the Midwest. The collaboration produced 17 successful performances which were highlighted by sold out shows, guest artists from India, and international praise of the work. In 2009, the ensemble produced a new work entitled "Music and Movement" which featured re-arranged Spanish guitar compositions interpreted by flamenco, modern, and African dance (see video link below). In 2011, the ensemble released it's 5th CD, "Tantas Cosas" featuring Patricia Ortega. Comparative artists: Gipsy Kings, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Buena Vista Social Club. In 2012, Las Guitarras de España was selected to perform an official showcase at SXSW. Guitarist, Carlo Basile composed and performed Spanish guitar music for "Rick Bayless in Cascabel" at the Water Tower theater in Chicago. The performance received outstanding reviews.

Testimonials: "Thank you again to you and the rest of the group! I don't think I've walked down the hall 5 minutes today without a student or staff member commenting on how much they enjoyed the performance." Michelle Price, Buffalo Grove School, 2008 "Thank YOU and the Guitars of Spain so much for coming to perform at UT!!!! Everyone gave really great compliments about the group, and they were especially thankful because it's a type of performance not often seen at our school." University Of Tennessee 2009 "Filling the room with a gorgeous sound...(Carlo Basile) is a masterful guitarist" Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times, 2012 "Las Guitarras de España...This is flamenco music, sort of — its roots are in the classic, guitar-driven sound, but Las Guitarras add jazz, rock, blues and everything else into the pot. The result is brilliant." Chicago Tribune 2012
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