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Basic Information

Address: Sammons Center for the Arts 3630 Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas, TX 75219
Phone Number: 9722586313
Director: Tiffany Riley

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Laughter League
Laughter League
Laughter League
Laughter League

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Additional Information

Focus: performance, outreach and education
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 45 minutes


Pricing: $600-$2500
Mission Statement:

The mission of the Laughter League is to improve the lives of the families we serve through the transformational power of laughter. We do this through our performance, outreach and education.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Children learn and retain more when they are engaged in the material. In all of our programs, our goal is to help kids get excited about the subject matter. Math and science test scores have improved as a result of some of our programming.
Program History:

Laughter League has been presenting school and library programming throughout North Texas for the past ten years. The gift of Covid has allowed us to take our programming to a virtual format and provide to schools and libraries across the United States at an affordable price.

Testimonials: "Slappy and Monday make learning fun" "We have them back year after year because the children always have a great time while learning the material they teach"
Additional Information:

The goal of the Laughter League is to engage kids in learning through the use of physical comedy and circus skills - students and teachers leave our shows with excitement that can't be found in any textbook.

Three of our school shows, Science of the Circus, Count on Comedy Math Show and The Magic Storybook have been performed for the past ten years all across Texas and are now available virtually! Our virtual programs make learning fun!

We have been named "Best in Dallas" by D magazine, and strive to create entertaining, interactive and educational theatre.

To book one of our virtual programs please call 972-258-6313 or email For more information visit us at