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Basic Information

Phone Number: 8056367163
Director: Suzy Seth

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Magic Suzy
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Magic Suzy

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Additional Information

Focus: Magic Shows
Grade Levels: K-5
Length: 30 mins

Virtual magic Shows

Pricing: $350 per show

magic Suzy offers high energy interactive virtual magic show for all the kids from K-5

Residencies: Tampa, Florida
Setup: 5 mins
Takedown: 5 mins
Equipment: Magic Suzy has her background music playing during certain magic routines.
Special Requirements: The Magic show requires kids to focus and pay attention to get the best out of the high-energy interactive magic show and their background noise is muted, until it gets requested to unmute and interact with the magician

Thanks for your interest in my show :-)

Your type of party is EXACTLY what I specialize in virtual magic shows for kids.
I do a funny, unique, age-appropriate comedy magic show that will entertain both kids and adults. Please check out my VIDEO for a sneak peek at

I'm a clean-comedy family entertainer specializing in children's magic shows and have 15 years of experience. My show is about 30 minutes long which is typically just right for the little ones--any longer than that the kids can get zoom fatigue.
The format works well and you get a great variety of age-appropriate entertainment, including interactive magic tricks, physical comedy, and mind reading monkey puppet which is hilarious featuring upbeat background music.

As a mother myself, I know how important it is to create a memorable experience for kids and adults alike and go off without worries or problems. You can count on me to deliver top-notch, hilarious magical entertainment that everyone will remember.

The process is very simple two steps:
1) pay the virtual fee for the show 2) create your zoom meeting where you can invite your guests and that include me to my email address
The amount for 30 mins is $195
I must say the recording of my show is not allowed but if you MUST it is only $45 EXTRA

Once both are set and confirmed we are ready to rock n roll on the date and time you are booked for. I'll be signing on zoom 10 minutes before the show until others sign up and once everybody is in we are ready to begin.

For any more questions please do not hesitate to call or text directly at 805-636-7163

I look forward to hearing from you and giving you an awesome show ❤️