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Basic Information

Address: 3918 Las Flores Canyon Road Malibu, CA 90265
Phone Number: 424-644-0123
Director: Chris Kelly

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Prevention PLUS

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Additional Information

Focus: tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention education
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45 minutes to 4-5 days

Free in LA County/ $.55 per mile in CA/ flights/rental car in 49 states

Pricing: $600 for all day $200 for 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour assembly

Parenting for Prevention, Faculty training on spotting teen substance abuse and intervention and referrals, Parent and Teen guided discussion seminars. Marijuana Myths and Facts, Prescription Drugs Use and Misuse, Tobacco and Alcohol- Why legal drugs kill the most people every year, Powders and Potions- Heroin, Cocaine and Methamphetamine, How to Help a Friend- Intervention Training for Teens, Natural Highs and Neurotransmitters,

Residencies: Many schools have me come for 4-5 days. I have a complete classroom curriculum that takes 4-5 45 minute sessions. During one of these residencies I usually offer several Parenting Workshops and a Faculty Training at no extra cost
Setup: N/A
Takedown: N/A
Equipment: For assemblies a PA and wireless microphone, For classes a white or black board

By using a combination of facts and real life stories we connect with teens on both an emotional and intellectual level. The losses that I suffered from drug abuse, the devastation I caused my family are mirrored by the stories the tens share with the classes.

Mission Statement:

To prevent the suffering of addiction by informing,empowering and enlightening young people, their families, teachers and administrators.

Program History:

When I was a student parents and teachers seemed oblivious to my drug use until I was fully addicted. My addiction caused enormous harm and suffering for me and everyone around me. My addiction lasted 15 years. After I got clean and sober in 1990 I wanted to do something to help others. For 5 years I taught at prisons and hospitals and rehabs. While this work was fulfilling it lacked something, that my work with teens and parents has provided.
For 15 years I traveled the globe teaching Prevention Education with a large agency.
In 2010 I started my own agency Prevention PLUS.

Testimonials: I write today to let you know about a superb organization that does programs for both students, staff, and parents at Bay. Prevention Plus is a not-for-profit health education organization that offers classes, workshops, seminars, and assemblies for young people of all ages, including K-8. They focus on health and safety issues related to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, and offer intervention strategies. At any rate, I have seen various presentations of this nature over the years in the various schools my kids have attended, and I can clearly say that this is the best one I have experienced. The students, too, have give consistently good feedback about its Director, Chris Kelly, and the work Prevention Plus does, which, as you know, is all too rare. Chris is a highly experienced individual who has made this his life's work. June Donefield Parent @ Bay School in San Francisco