Scheer Genius Assembly Shows

Basic Information

Address: PO Box 722 Walled Lake, MI 48390
Phone Number: 2488911900
Director: Doug Scheer

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Scheer Genius Assembly Shows
Scheer Genius Assembly Shows
Scheer Genius Assembly Shows

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Additional Information

Focus: Education through entertainment. Choose from 12 different shows
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 45 minutes

Based in Michigan but available for travel out of state

Pricing: $695 and up
Setup: 45 minutes. Gym floor preferred with students seated on the floor. Stages may be used if are completley cleared and have ramp access.
Takedown: 30 minutes
Equipment: School will provide an electrical outlet, 2 folding chairs and one small table.

Scheer Genius Assembly Shows: Guaranteed great!

Guaranteed great means just that! If these shows aren't among the best shows your school will see all year, then you don't pay a dime. It's that simple.

We make that promise with 30+ years in the industry and the experience of performing well over 10,000 live shows to back it up.

Scheer Genius Assembly Shows are among the top educational school programs in Michigan and our licensed performers (for shows outside of Michigan) are some of the best the country.

When scheduling a program you will deal directly with Doug Scheer, the producer, writer, creator and performer of 12 shows that have kept him on top of the school assembly market for over 30 years.

Those educational school assembly shows include curriculum based shows, character education shows, and shows that are just for fun!

Below is a brief description of the 12 different shows, but please visit our website for videos, testimonials, and more information. Learn more:

These shows receive consistent five star ratings on Google every day:

Wacky Science
You won't know if this is a comedy show or a science show, because we promise your teachers will laugh just as hard as the kids when everyones learn about the scientific method and dabble in experiments that encourage exploring science as a hobby.
Learn more:

The Magic Bookshelf
Watch children's books turn into exciting and amazing magic tricks all with the goal of reinforcing your school's reading goals. Reading is Magic! Learn more:

Adventures in Reading
Imagine going on a reading safari and hunting for books! This is the perfect assembly show for March is reading month events when the goal is to get kids to read, read, read. Kids will experience classic literature as well as some modern favorites all set in a campfire environment. It's more than just a magical reading show. It's a show of campfire stories, legends, poetry, and favorite fiction brought to life.
Learn more:

Diversity Circus
Ringmaster Doug and Smudgy the Clown teach kids to be F.A.I.R. (Fair, Aware, Include, Respect). You'll be blown away by the spectacle, costumes, illusions and message in the most ambitious character education show you'll ever have at your school. Learn more:

The Mystery of the Super Surprise (Bully prevention)
What is the Super Surprise? It's a feeling you give yourself when you help others. And when students pull together to stop kids from bullying, they will feel like superheroes. Learn about character traits and how they can be used to keep schools safe and bully-free. Learn more:

The Adventures of Les Trouble, PI
Kids learn how to be safe, respectful, and responsible even when mad. Les Trouble is a magical Dective who, along with troublemaking Spike, demonstrate how "I messages" can be used to express yourself without escalating a problem. Lessons in respect round out one of our most popular shows!
Learn more:

Superhero Math
Imagine learning math from a superhero! Kids love superheroes and when they meet our spandex-clad caped crusader, they'll be eager to understand elementary math concepts and terms. Loads of surprises and the funny antics of our math superhero keep kids wanting more. Learn more:

Dumpster Doug Ecology Show
Dumpster Doug does magic with trash! He's an amazing eco-warrior who exites kids and teaches them lessons in recycling, conservation and ecology. Kids learn how to protect the earth with simple things they can do in school and at home. It's the perfect show for Earth Day celebrations.
Learn more:

The Laugh Factory Comedy Magic Show
When nothing but fun is the goal, the Laugh Factory keeps kids and teachers in stitches. Magic, tons of audience participation and crazy stunts drive this show. Kids become the stars but you'll get all the applause when this show comes to your school. Learn more:

The Spooktacular Halloween Show
Grizelda the Goofy and Silly witch never did her homework and now she can't fly! So she stirs up a magician in a giant cauldron. Lessons in perserverance round out this trick or treating safety show. Perfect holiday fun for your October assembly schedule. Learn more:

Uncle Sam's Comedy Jam
History turns to hysterics when Uncle Sam takes the stage. It's a social studies assembly show that teaches the main events that led to the development of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sounds dull doesn't it? It's not. It's a laugh riot. Teachers tell us they've never understood our American freedoms like this before! Guaranteed to thrill your teachers and much as your students. Learn More:

Memory Madness
Learn the secrets to having a photographic memory, game show style. Kids learn simple memory tricks that they can do immediately. Laugh and cheer for your favorite contestant as three students show off their new skills in a Jeopardy style face off. The fastest student who buzzes in to answer questions about US presidents, the solar system and silly trivia is crowned the school's "super student" for a day!
Learn more:

Mission Statement:

We aim to knock your socks off. We promise spectacle along with lessons that are memorable, engaging and fun. Here's one testimonial that says it all: "These shows are absolutely first-class all the way. Everything about these programs are beyond exceptional. When we miss a year of Doug visiting, it will be their kids who lose out- unfortunately." Jon Nader, Utica Schools, MI

Philosophy/Belief Statement: We aim to be your number 1 choice for assembly shows. With 12 shows we want to visit again and again.
Program History:

30 years in the business. 12 shows to chose from

Testimonials: We have over 150 Five star reviews on Google.

Here is just a sampling.

"These shows are absolutely first-class all the way.  Everything about these programs are beyond exceptional.  When we miss a year of Doug visiting, it will be their kids who lose out- unfortunately." Jon Nader, Utica Schools, MI


Doug Scheer is not only talented, but extremely professional! We have had him present at our school for the past several years…sometimes a couple of times a year! Every single show has been entertaining, informative, interactive, appropriate, and engaging. Teachers love his approach to engaging the kids and reinforcing all of the lessons/skills/behaviors that we work on throughout the school year. Doug Scheer is truly the BEST out there, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! --Julie Brill,Teacher, retired teacher Meadowlawn Elementary, Kentwood, MI


“There is a small group of assembly shows that stands out from all the rest. This is one of those shows.”-Lee Harrision, Principal, Isbister Elementary, Plymouth, MI


“Doug Scheer is the best presenter we have ever seen. He cares enough to provide extensive props and costuming, has great crowd control and excellent content.”
-Principal Wattles Elementary, Troy, MI