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Basic Information

Address: P.O.Box 8090 Glenmore Park NSW 2745 Australia
Phone Number: 61 247 372 335 / Cellphone ( 413 771 557 )
Director: Greg Dimmock

Action Shots

A Swag full of Instruments
A Swag full of Instruments
A Swag full of Instruments
A Swag full of Instruments

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Additional Information

Focus: A Swag full of Instruments
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5
Length: 45 mins

Lives in Australia willing to visit in person or via internet.

Pricing: negotiable depending upon travel distance and number of performances

Is available for online workshops

Residencies: Is available for residencies.
Setup: 15 mins
Takedown: 15 mins
Equipment: Oud from the Middle East, the Didgeridoo from Australia the Bodhran and Irish Bouzouki from Ireland, the Acoustic guitar from America, Classical Guitar from Spain, Bombarde from Brittany, Djembe from Africa, Lagerphone from Australia, the Flute, the Octave Mandolin from Italy , the Spoons from the Universal kitchen and the Hammer Dulcimer from China
Special Requirements: performer will need 3- 4 tables (any size) and possibly PA system (depending on audience size)

Children are introduced to the world of music of the Oud, the Didgeridoo, the bodhran, the Irish Bouzouki, the acoustic and classical guitar, the bombarde, the lagerphone, the octave mandolin, the hammer dulcimer, and the spoons through participation.
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Mission Statement:

Our mission is through performances and resources that children's imagination will be ignited.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: across cultures, age groups and creates in us many feelings including joy, sadness and creativity to name a few. Music helps us relax, dance, sing communicate with others. A swag full of instruments creates a place for children to learn and become involved with the sounds of the instruments through singing, dancing, listening, prancing, marching and clapping. A Swag full of instruments exposes children to many multi - cultural instruments they may not have seen or heard before.
Program History:

Since 1980, Greg Dimmock and A Swag full of instruments has performed in over 4,000 performances around Australia.
Greg while working overseas has performed in schools in Cairo, Fiji and Kuala Lumpur. A Swag full of Instruments is looking forward to performing in the U S a during 2024-2025
Since 2010 Greg has been running specialised music programs including dancing, rhythm at centres which include Kindalin, https://www.kindalin.com.au/ as the music man and Yogies Playhouse http://yogiesplayhouse.com.au/

Testimonials: Please email us at shows@aswagfullofinstruments.com for testimonials
Additional Information:

A Swag full of Instruments has teacher’s resources available to stream and watch on Youtube.
To hear tracks to stream visit https://aswagfullofinstruments.com/sd-download-page-music-streaming-for-early-education-music-and-movement-programs/

Tracks and excepts of our video can be seen and heard by https://aswagfullofinstruments.com/music-and-movement-songs-and-instruments-for-early-education-videos-on-youtube/

Greg has online lessons which include Ukulele lessons for teachers. Visit https://aswagfullofinstruments.com/learn-to-play-early-education-songs-on-the-ukulule/

And also Rhythm lessons visit https://aswagfullofinstruments.com/rhythm-exercises-for-early-education/

Come aboard and be part of my pirate crew in the sing along book A pirate song
Visit https://aswagfullofinstruments.com/the-pirates-song-singalong-book-for-young-pirates-argh/

For availability visit https://aswagfullofinstruments.com/where-is-a-swag-full-of-instruments-preforming-in-2023/

I'm also available for performances online for classes including A Swag full of instruments or sessions on Didgeridoo’s, dancing or individual instruments.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Let me know how I can assist you or become involved in your music programmes.