Brown University Student Television

Brown University Student Television (also known as Brown Television, BrownTV and BTV) is a Student television station broadcasting on the campus of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Brown Television is one of the most historically rich organizations at Brown University. It began in 1987 founded by Doug Liman, now Hollywood director of “The Bourne Identity” and “Jumper”, among others. It was a student run television network running student made productions both for news and entertainment back in the old days of analog UHF equipment and tape decks.

At some point down the line, technology left BTV in the dust. The old analog equipment started to fail, production ceased to exist anymore after the last great stand of the show Elected and BTV became nothing more than a channel on Brown’s IPTV network broadcasting movies distributed by Swank. This, however, also ended due to contract disputes between Swank’s clients and the use of IPTV for the distribution of the movies. At this point, BTV had become nothing more than an empty room with missing and broken equipment and a channel broadcasting a blackscreen 24 hours a day.

BTV was, however, not yet ready to die. A group of determined students, though small in number, still yearned to resuscitate BTV and put their efforts toward this goal. At the same time, another small, but passionate group, of students was trying to reestablish the Brown Film Society’s old production outfit that had also become a sad nothingness, Brown Film Production. These two groups would eventually realize their common goals and agree upon collaboration for the good of all, and as of Spring 2008, a heavy budget written and proposed, the Undergraduate Finance Board took BTV’s side and allocated the necessary funds to powerfully and tangibly start the reconstruction of Brown TV.

Currently, BTV stands on the cusp of a new frontier. A selection of shows selected from a screenwriting competition are in production, and some have produced pilot episodes.

Current Shows
BTV Original Productions
    Campus Liquors - Created in 2009 by Alex Dobrenko, Quinn Fenlon, and Mitch Moranis “Campus Liquors” chronicles the days of John and Gus through the lens of their local college liquor store. As employees, John and Gus get a shockingly intimate, first-hand look at the social lubricant that breathes life into every university happening. Besides being the merchants of this highly delectable sin, John and Gus humorously deal with their own issues.

    Use As Directed - Created in 2009 by Allissa Wickham and Sara Molinaro is a performance-addled comedy as RUPUR (aka, Rebecca Upur), a college freshman with a taste for alcohol and larceny, decides to sell Adderall to her fellow students in order to make ends meet. Her best friend, DRAKE, is an aspiring performance artist with dreams of becoming the next Andy Warhol. Together, they will navigate the rocky waters of freshman year…while frequently setting their boat on fire.

    College Green - Created by Chris Jesu Lee is about a group of naive freshmen who begin their college adventures. Follow the lives of ETHAN and LEWIS, two good kids who finally achieve freedom in college only to find that they’ve been accidentally housed in a sub-free dorm. Living across from them are ANNIE, a shrinking violet who is finally ready to blossom, and her rich queen bee roommate, BRIDGET. Thrown into the mix is PAUL, an easy-going and handsome type whose game is light-years ahead of the likes of Ethan and Lewis. Finally, colourful recurring side characters ensure that things are never dull on campus.

    The Circle - The Circle is a miniseries created for Brown University Student Television (BTV) by Daniel Byers, a Brown graduate and filmmaker. The Circle features Brown students and alums, RISD students, and professional actors. Set at Cronn University, one of the last bastions of humanity in a dystopian world, it tells the story of a group of students caught up in events that threaten to bring down Cronn's only defense, The Circle.

    Love Lockdown - Created in 2009 and shot in BTV's very own studio room, join your hosts Dani and Nicole as they attempt to cure the dearth love (or something like it) by giving singles and adventurous couples alike a spot in the limelight in this campy fusion of the lonely hearts club and all things exotica.