Notre Dame Television

NDtv, or Notre Dame Television is a student television station funded by the University of Notre Dame that airs on Notre Dame campus cable channel 53. It broadcasts 24 hours a day and is entirely student-run.

NDtv was started in 2002 by then-student Lance Johnson as a biweekly cable TV Public-access television program known as New Dimension Television. In 2003, NDtv became an official student group and was able to adopt the name Notre Dame Television. In 2004, the program split in two, spawning NDtv News and The Mike Peterson Show, a talk and sketch comedy program. On September 20th, 2006, NDtv went on the air 24 hours on channel 53 as part of the new campus cable system. The number of shows has steadily increased over the years from one to its highest point at 11 in the fall of 2009.

Current shows
    Late Night ND (Talk and sketch comedy program in season 12; formerly The Mike Peterson Show)
    NDtv News (Biweekly campus news and sports program in season 12)
    Office Hours (Interview program in season 8)
    Dining In (Cooking program in season 4)
    Unnecessary Roughness (Debate Show in season 4)
    NDtv Abroad (Travelogue of ND abroad programs in season 2, focusing on Dublin)
    The SecoND Floor (Reality/Documentary show about the undergraduate student government in season 1)
    The Writer's Room (Sitcom about getting a show on NDtv in season 2)

Retired shows
    Law Sharks (Sitcom based in a Chicago law firm that ran for 1 season)
    Sassafras and Shattered Glass (Retellings of traditional tales that ran for 3 seasons)
    The Tailgate (Sketch comedy show absorbed into Late Night in its 4th season)
    NDtv Sports (Sports program that was absorbed into NDtv News in its 6th season)
    The Final Cut (Movie review program that ran for 3 seasons)
    Talk It Out (Debate program that ran for 1 season)
    On Campus (Mockumentary sitcom that ran for 5 seasons)
    Adam and Steve (Personality-based comedy program that ran for 1 season)
    Luck of the Irish (Game show that ran for 1 season)
    The Joe Kwaczala Show (Sketch comedy program that ran for 1 season)
    Spot On (Comedic miniseries)
    HA (Improvisational comedy program that ran for 6 seasons)
    Moving Pictures (Cinematic shorts program that ran for 2 seasons)
    Higher Education (Comedic miniseries)
    "NDtv Classic" (Former half hour show that started the organization that is now 'NDtv')

Late Night ND hosts
The most recognizable show airing on NDtv is Late Night ND, primarily due to its longevity - the show is in its 10th season. When the show premiered in spring of 2005, it was known as The Mike Peterson Show. Often described as the cross-breeding of SNL with Conan, the show allegedly had a cult following and went on to enjoy moderate success. While Peterson was in Chile for a semester in the spring of 2006, the show was hosted by Joe Lattal and referred to as Late Night ND - the name it took again after Peterson's graduation in the spring of 2007. For the fall 2007 semester, the show was hosted by Joe Kwaczala. Elise Yahner, took over in spring of 2007 and hosted until the spring of 2009. Lora O'Shaughnessy hosted in the fall of 2009, hosting duties were shared between Andy Gray and Peter Elliott from The Tailgate in the spring of 2010, and Tom Pesch took over for the fall of 2010.